Remembering Hiroshi Yamauchi


Visionary video-game businessman Hiroshi Yamauchi has passed away at the age of 85.

Fifty Couples to Say “I Do” With “Doctor Who”


For fifty couples, the weekend of November 23 will be filled with celebrations. On Saturday, the couples can watch the anniversary special of Doctor Who and the next day they can tie the knot with a Doctor Who themed mass wedding.

Remembering Julie Harris


One of the finest actresses in the history of stage and screen has died. Julie Harris passed away this week, she was 87 years old.

Michael Ansara Remembered


Actor Michael Ansara has died at the respectable age of 91.

Dennis Farina Remembered

Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina best known for his dramatic roles in such films as Snatch, Striking Distance, Saving Private Ryan and Reindeer Games is dead at age 69.

Remembering Victor Lundin


The actor who played the first Klingon on classic Star Trek has passed away.

Remembering Richard Matheson


Prolific writer Richard Matheson has passed away at the age of 87.

Remembering Jack Vance

Jack Vance

Science-fiction writer Jack Vance has passed away at the age of 96.

How Will You Celebrate Geek Pride Day?


May 25th is Geek Pride day.

Pre-School Bans Kids From Playing As Superheroes


For many of us, pretending to be your favorite super hero on the school playground was just part of growing up. That won’t be the case for a group of pre-schoolers at an undisclosed pre-school where playing as your favorite superhero has been banned.

“Pokemon” Ballet


Here’s two words most of us never thought we’d hear together…Pokemon Ballet.

Remembering Ray Harryhausen


Special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen has passed away at the age of 92.

Petition Started Recognize Asimov’s Home


The Philadelphia Weekly has started a petition to recognize the home of one of the greatest writers of science-fiction with a historical marker.

Girl Scouts’ New Merit Badge: Game Design

Girl Scouts

The Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Chapter has partnered with Women in Games International to design the requirements and curriculum required for a newly introduced patch: one for Game Design.

Did “Family Guy” Hit Too Close To Reality?


A recently aired episode of Family Guy has been pulled from Hulu and the Fox web site in the wake of recent events in Boston.