Watch “Star Wars” Toys Deteriorate


Still mad at your mom for throwing out all your classic Kenner Star Wars toys?

Will John Williams Score New “Star Wars” Movie


Director J.J. Abrams says it’s likely that John Williams will provide the musical score for the upcoming seventh Star Wars movie.

Will We See Yearly “Star Wars” Installments?


At this weeks CinemaCon, Disney presented details of their plans for the franchise.

Richard LeParmentier, R.I.P

Admiral Motti

The recognizable actor passed away Tuesday.

Should Chewie Have Worn Pants?


Donald Duck doesn’t wear them, but Chewbecca nearly did.

We’re talking about pants, of course,

“The Star Wars” Character Sketches


Check out these great concept images.

Green Wants To Be In “Star Wars”

Seth Green

Someone get J.J. Abrams on the phone and let him know that actor Seth Green is ready, willing and eager to be part of the next Star Wars movie.

A Different Take on “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” Headed Our Way


Dark Horse Comics will give readers a very different take on Star Wars when it adapts George Lucas’ original scripts for the film into a comic book later this year.

How Would Brad Bird Have Opened “Jedi”?


One of the names rumored to direct the next Star Wars installment was former Pixar director Brad Bird. Bird gave us The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so maybe he’ll direct episode eight or nine if J.J. Abrams plate gets too full.

This is Madness! “Star Wars” Tournament


March Madness From A Galaxy Far Far Away

“Clone Wars” Comes to a Close

Ahsoka, "The Wrong Jedi"

Looks like the recently aired fifth season finale of the Clone Wars will also serve as the series finale for the animated series set in the Star Wars universe.

Carrie Fisher Will Be Back As Leia


Word is Leia will be back.

New Slave Leia Bikini Picture Surfaces


A new picture of Carrie Fisher in the famous bikini from Return of the Jedi has surfaced and is making its rounds across the Internet.

Williams Wants To Compose New “Star Wars” Score


Composer John Williams says that he’s ready to return to “a galaxy far, far away.”

Ford Will Reprise Famous Role For New “Star Wars” Triology


Han Solo will pilot the Millennium Falcon one more time. It was announced last week that actor Harrison Ford has agreed to reprise the role that made him a household name for the upcoming seventh Star Wars movie.