Simon Barry: The “Continuum” Story, All Told For Now The creator of one of the smartest shows on TV talks about finishing the story

Simon Barry, Continuum S4

This week, Summer talks with Continuum creator and executive producer Simon Barry about how the final season allows him to bring some closure to the story for the fans and for himself.

Simon talks about how he did get to tell the story he wanted to tell and then some, even with not having as many seasons as he’d hoped; about the possibilities for continuations and/or spinoffs in other media (online, graphic novels), and he is extremely grateful to the fans and their efforts that brought about the chance to bring the story to a satisfying close.

Will we see more stories in and around the Continuum universe eventually? Let’s hope so.   [Listen to the show…]

TV Talk: “Doctor Who” Recaps and Look Aheads A New Season means it's Time to discuss new observations about "Our Doctor"

Doctor Who Season 9

Liz, Tim, Jill and Sean join Summer to talk wall-to-wall Doctor Who.

There were 8 episodes selected as “The Doctor’s Finest”, and they aired weekly during August & September as an lead-in to Season 9 before it’s premiere. But were those 8 truly the “finest” episodes of the modern era one could recommend to introduce new viewers to Doctor Who?

Slice of SciFi even took a poll on the matter. Either way, we discuss and maybe change the list a little bit, then dive full on into the start of Season 9.   [Listen to the show…]

Movie Talk: Indie Scifi Feature Films Interviews & Talk about "Listening", "Containment" and more

Slice of SciFi 734

This week, Summer and Sean chat with the writer-directors of two indie features that you might want to check out. Listening is an award-winning feature from debut writer-director Khalil Sullins, and Containment is award-winning director Neil Mcenery-West’s first feature film.

Sean reviewed both Listening and Containment, so check out his thoughts on both movies, and leave your own comments and reviews.   [Listen to the show…]

Rachel Nichols: The Conclusion of “Continuum” The fans convinced the networks to produce a closing chapter to the story, and it begins now

Continuum Season 4

This week, Rachel Nichols chats about the final season of Syfy Channel’s Continuum, of Kiera’s journey towards herself by being in the past, and needing to fix the timeline for everyone’s future.

We also talk about her love of doing action sequences, lament the fact that blooper reels are simply not long enough to cover all the great gags and funny mishaps that are caught on camera, and more.

Catch Season 4 of Continuum, the final 6 episodes, starting September 11 on Syfy.   [Listen to the show…]

Austin Basis: “Beauty and the Beast” Expands the Fairy Tale TV's most awesome team player talks what's in store for Seasons 3 and 4

Austin Basis

This week, Summer chats with Austin Basis, from The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, who plays JT Forbes, an integral member of Vincent and Catherine’s team of confidants.

Austin recaps JT’s journey from being left for dead at the end of Season 2 through much of Season 3 as he undergoes changes because of the serum that was given to him, and figuring out what that serum is doing to him, as well as how that’s affected him and his relationship with Tess, and the dynamic of the entire team.

Yes, they are currently filming Season 4, but no, there’s nothing he can divulge about that season arc… but we’ll have him back, for sure.   [Listen to the show…]

TV Talk: Geek Girls Roundtable Nerd Girls wax poetic over Geek TV passions, sans coffee or booze

Slice of SciFi 731

Geek Girls talking Television… all we were missing was the booze.

New contributors Jackie Zwirn and Liz Carlie join Summer to talk about TV shows and other things that excite our very own inner fangirl nerd.

The analysis covers the shirts-off appeal of “Teen Wolf”; some of the appeal of “Doctor Who” across time and generations and how everyone has their own favorite Doctor for so many different reasons, plus the awe of the Gallifrey One convention, and a little Torchwood for good measure.

We could also do another show on bad movies, and why people keep watching and how those films keep getting made.   [Listen to the show…]

“Riftworld Chronicles”: Laura Perlmutter and Erin Karpluk Epic fantasy storytelling told in engaging and funny bite-sized chunks

Riftworld Chronicles

This week, it’s all about melding comedy and fantasy. First up, Laura Perlmutter, producer for “Riftworld Chronicles” talks about how the short film “The Portal” grew into the webseries, what it took to get to the 8 episodes of Season 1 filmed and produced, and the plans that are underway to get Season 2 off and running.

Next, series star Erin Karpluk (Being Erica, Rookie Blue) talks about connecting with the life that Kim leads, playing with the humor in the story, watching how the fans have completely embraced the show and the characters, and more.

You can watch “Riftworld Chronicles” on YouTube   [Listen to the show…]

“Stitchers”: Spoilers, Secrets, Teases and More Jeffrey returns after the season finale, and talks wall-to-wall spoilers

Stitchers "Full Stop"

Summer really enjoys Stitchers… could you tell?

This week, Stitchers with show creator and executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter returns to talk spoilers for Season 1 and hints at what will come for Season 2. He fields questions about character observations, potential conspiracies and adversaries around the Stitchers program, and talks more about the social media snowball that the show became, and teases the upcoming special Halloween episode that’s part of ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween” programming.

Yes, there are many spoilers from start to finish here, so make sure you’ve seen the season finale “Full Stop”, or that you’re ready to dive into dangerous story territory.   [Listen to the show…]

Geek Talk: William Shatner Presents “Chaos on the Bridge” A lively discussion about the enlightening new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" documentary

Chaos on the Bridge

In this special episode, Tim Callender, Jill Heller and Jackie Zwirn join Summer to talk about William Shatner’s “Chaos on the Bridge: The Untold Story Behind Star Trek’s Next Generation”.

This documentary only runs about 59 minutes, but manages to pack in a fascinating amount of background information and interviews in that short time, and we hit on most of the interesting revelations and anecdotes presented.   [Listen to the show…]

Jeffrey Alan Schechter: Creating and Crafting “Stitchers” Find out what elements go into making some of the magic that forms the show's appeal


This week, Summer talks more Stitchers with show creator and executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter. We go into how the idea that grew into the show came about, and about having fun with some of the winks at geek culture being slyly dropped into conversations, and about building characters that feel real.

We also tease the upsoming season finale (“Full Stop”, airing Aug 4 on ABC Family). But not too much… no spoilers here, we’re saving those for later.

Be sure to follow Jeffrey and other cast members during live Tweeting for the season finale Tuesday, via @StitchersTV and #Stitcherschat   [Listen to the show…]

Emma Ishta: The Heart of “Stitchers” The star of ABC Family's newest hit talks emotions and mysteries

Emma Ishta

This week, Summer talks with Stitchers lead Emma Ishta about the breakout new hit “scifi procedural” for ABC Family.

The chemistry between the characters and the fast-moving witty geek banter are engaging and appealing, and the additional exploration of how emotions (or lack thereof) affect people and interpersonal connections is fascinating. What remains to be seen (perhaps to be explored in the newly announced Season 2) are the bigger mysteries of the program and Kirsten’s familial connection to it.   [Listen to the show…]

Mark Edlitz: Exploring the Lives Behind the Superheroes Discovering dreams from the people who were those superheroes to us

How to Be a Superhero

This week, filmmaker and writer (and sometime “Slice of SciFi” contributor) Mark Edlitz drops by to talk about his new book, “How to Be a Superhero”, an extensive compendium of interviews covering the most popular superhero movies and television shows of the past seventy years.

Mark takes the readers takes the reader behind the scenes, through 35 penetrating interviews with actors and actresses who have played the world’s greatest superheroes, supervillains, antiheroes and sidekicks, as well as 70 photographs.   [Listen to the show…]