China Tightens Net Noose Around Tibet’s Neck

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (FarPoint Media Executive News Director) China, in its continued beating down of the Tibetan peoples is now trying to limit the internet to those members of that peaceful country so blatantly conquered by mainland China over four decades ago. Authorities in the Chinese capital of Beijing are restricting both Tibet’s […]

A Word To Our Fans About “Totally Fracked”

After several emails and comments we think it is time to share with all our fans that if you have yet to see an episode of whatever program is being talked about in any “Totally Fracked” article as seen on Slice of SciFi or our partner site MeeVee then be forewarned these reviews and synopsis’ […]

Mel Back In the Spotlight

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (SoSF Producer & Managing News Director) Mel Gibson, in less than two months after his arrest for DUI and his raving rant against Jews in general, made a public appearance at this year’s Fantastic Fest to promote his latest film project, “Apocalypto.” Of course being Mel, he couldn’t hardly be […]