Editorial: The Ability to Inspire — Slice of SciFi Responds to the Aurora, Colorado Tragedy


One of the virtues of the science-fiction and fantasy genre is its ability to inspire. In the 1950’s and 60’s, science fiction inspired humanity’s race to the moon. Countless scientists working in a variety of fields were inspired by the works of Gene Roddenberry, Robert A. Heinlein and Jules Verne (just to name a few) to study science and to make the life-changing technological marvels those men (and women) dreamed up a reality for everyone.

What Can’t Charlize Tell Us?!?


Written by Jeffrey Wilworth (Farpoint Media VP of Programming and Advertising) After a long holiday break, Comedy Central’s late night powerhouses, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returned to production this week with a… bang. John Stewart’s guest was Michelle Obama, pimping her new book addressing the child obesity issue. Stephen Colbert followed with […]

Elisabeth Sladen — One Fan’s Tribute


Over the close to 50 year run of Doctor Who, a lot of companions have come and gone through the doors of the TARDIS. Some were memorable for the way they joined the Doctor on his journeys and some for how they departed. But in the run of classic Doctor Who companions, there was perhaps none more beloved than Sarah Jane Smith.

Editorial: So You Want to Be a “Doctor Who” Fan, Part One: The Episodes


Written by: Michael Hickerson (Farpoint Media News Director and long-time “Doctor Who” fan). So, you’ve just finished watching “Planet of the Dead” for the tenth time, memorized the trailer for “Waters of Mars” and have analyzed every last nuance out of the scenes included and the potential anagram. And now you’ve got about seven to […]

Professor Defends SciFi

Many of us have had to defend our love of science-fiction and fantasy to friends and family for years now. Whether or not we’ve been successful in convincing them that the genre is more than rockets and laser battles is probably up for debate.

But if you’re looking for a little back-up the next time you defend the genre, then you need to read Doug Mann’s article from “The Mark.”

Movie reviews redux

Written by: Emilio D’alise (SoSF Staff Journalist) Following an outpouring of love, encouragement, and touching personal accounts of my previous movies commentary changing people’s lives, I was shamed into doing a follow-up.  My thinking was to employ the same tone of irreverence, humor, and insightfully biting comments as my first piece, but upon some consideration […]

The Doldrums

Written by: Emilio D’alise (SoSF Staff Journalist) . . . that’s what it feels like right now.  Most shows I care about are in hiatus, and the cable channels are festooned with various sports I don’t follow.  Worse yet, those which don’t carry sports are sending out wave after wave of reality shows.  I mean, […]

The Media, Space, and the Universe

Written by: Emilio D’alise (SoSF Staff Journalist) This is the second piece relating to the Ben Bova interview in Episode #179. I’m writing to join in on the condemnation of the media. No, I am not referring to the incredibly poor job most of them are doing with regards to the upcoming national elections (although […]

Ben Bova Interview: Science Fiction Movies

Written by: Emilio D’alise (SoSF Staff Journalist) This piece stems from the Slice of SciFi #179 interview with Ben Bova. Having read many of Ben Bova’s books, it was a real treat listening to the all-too-short interview. And, just as most of his books did, the interview got me thinking. It made me want to […]

The Amber Chronicles — What Happened SCI FI?

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (FarPoint Media Executive News Director) In April 2002 the SCI FI Channel had issued a press release that gave a listing of all their ambitious miniseries projects. One of those was to be a 4-hour miniseries based on the “The Complete Amber Chronicles,” written by the late Roger Zelazny. Since […]

The Lure of Knowledge

Written by: Emilio D’alise (SoSF Staff Journalist) It’s the desire for knowledge that is messing with my productivity. Like the proverbial tree, the lure is nearly irresistible, and the consequences less than ideal. It’s a struggle between thirst for knowledge, characterized by the broadening of my horizons to encompass the entire globe, and taking care […]

Klaatu, Barata…whoa!

Written by: Mike McCafferty (SoSF Guest Contributor) I need a little clarity on this. Have you heard the one about Keanu Reeves? You know the one where he’s in a remake of a classic Sci-fi film – one of the best of all time? The one where he plays a super intelligent alien? Oh, wait…that’s […]

Economist: Copyright is Dead


No wonder they call Economics the Dismal Science. At the Internet Video Policy Symposium in Washington yesterday (co-sponsored by Content Agenda), a chorus line of academic economists postulated that content owners face a far more difficult challenge than they know in monetizing their content on the Internet, and that the odds that we can build […]

China Tightens Net Noose Around Tibet’s Neck

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (FarPoint Media Executive News Director) China, in its continued beating down of the Tibetan peoples is now trying to limit the internet to those members of that peaceful country so blatantly conquered by mainland China over four decades ago. Authorities in the Chinese capital of Beijing are restricting both Tibet’s […]

What Net Neutrality Means, and Why It’s Necessary

Written by: John C. Dvorak It looks as if we’re about to go another round with yet another idiot taking on net neutrality Much of the debate will be triggered by an anti–net neutrality screed by Andy Kessler that’s running as an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. This piece highlights the illogicality of the […]