“Heroes Reborn” Trailer Released New 13-episode series well be a featured presentation at SDCC for NBC

Heroes Reborn

From creator/executive producer Tim Kring, who imagined NBC’s original critically-acclaimed 2006 “Heroes” series, comes “Heroes Reborn,” an epic 13-episode event series that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

The new series is set to premiere September 24.

Grunberg Wants “Heroes” Movie

Actor Greg Grunberg says that “Heroes” could live on–on the silver screen.

The actor says that creator Tim Kring is determined to keep the universe of the once-hit series alive. And now that NBC has passed on a mini-series to wrap up the show, Grunberg things a movie is the next logical step.

Kring Pitches “Heroes” Mini-Series

“Heroes” may not quite be dead yet.

Series creator Tim Kring is currently pitching a mini-series that would wrap-up the recently canceled series to NBC. Kring says that he has the support of the entire cast of the show would like to return for the project.

“Heroes” Canceled

After months of speculation and debate, NBC pulled the plug today on “Heroes.”

The series had fallen off in both ratings and critical acclaim from its first season and saw steadily declining viewership.

“Heroes” Likely Gone

A few months ago, despite low ratings and a decreasing fan base, it looked like NBC was leaning toward giving “Heroes” another season.

Now the odds are more likely that NBC will give the show a pink slip when its 2010-11 schedule is announced next week.