Space Mountain Comic Book Headed Our Way


Visit a Disney theme park and you can take a ride on Space Mountain.

Riddick Motion Comic Fills in Gaps


If you were curious about what happened to Riddick between the last entry in the series and the upcoming third installment, you can find out with the new motion comic series called Blindside.

Which Character Must Be in “Fables” Adaptation?


Creator Mark Buckingham realizes that when Fables comes to the silver screen some characters will make the cinematic cut and others won’t.

“Heroes” Revived by Dynamite


Heroes is getting a revival at your local comic book store. Three years after the tv show was cancelled, the series will return in a new comic book series.

Halloween Means More Free Comic Books


This year instead of just getting candy for Halloween, you could pick up a free comic book or two.

Full “Astro Boy” Catalog Gets U.S. Distribution Rights


The popular manga Astro Boy is coming to the United States.

Is Superman Changing?


Warning: This article will have SPOILERS for Man of Steel and the Justice League #22. If you don’t want to know details, please stop reading here.

Amazon Launches Comics Business


Amazon is looking to expand its original content with news that the Internet shopping giant is opening up a comic book portal.

Iconic “Dark Knight Returns” Cover To Be Auctioned


An original pen and ink drawing used to create the cover for issue two of The Dark Knight Returns will be sold next month and many predict it will go for a near-record price.

Want to See “Back to the Future” With Eric Stoltz?


Like many of us, Back to the Future fan David Guy Levy has often wondered what Back to the Future would have looked like with actor Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly.

Spider-Man Graphic Novel Trailer Released


Marvel comics has released a trailer for the upcoming graphic novel, Spider-Man: Family Business.

Rare “Action Comics” Sells For $175,000


A couple of days ago, we told you about David Gonzalez, the Minnesota man who found a copy of Action Comics #1 in the attic of a house he was remodeling.

Gonzalez put the comic up for auction and now he’s reaping the rewards.

DC Launches New On-Line Comic Platform


After leading the way with new issues available digitally on the same day they hit stores, DC is once again looking to lead the way in the digital comic book arena.

Man Discovers Rare Comic While Remodeling House


Minnesota resident David Gonzalez was doing a little remodeling on a home he purchased when he stumbled across buried treasure in his attic.

Pre-School Bans Kids From Playing As Superheroes


For many of us, pretending to be your favorite super hero on the school playground was just part of growing up. That won’t be the case for a group of pre-schoolers at an undisclosed pre-school where playing as your favorite superhero has been banned.