Smith to Direct Horror Film


Director Kevin Smith is returning to the world of horror with his next project, Tusk. Production is expected to begin on September 15.

“The Conjuring” — A Slice of SciFi Review

The Conjuring

This is another effective supernatural thriller, designed to keep you on edge and make you jump out of your seat at just the right moments. If you’re the sort of person that likes to visit haunted house attractions during Halloween, then this film will be right up your alley.

Universal Developing “The Cabin in the Woods” Attraction


Looking for a truly scary time the next time you visit Universal Studios?

“The Evil Dead” (2013) — A Slice of SciFi Review


If you’re planning to see the Evil Dead reboot, take my advice and don’t spring for the extra large tub of popcorn and extra large soda. Odds are you won’t get to finish either one. One is that the movie clocks in at a mere ninety minutes and the other is that by the time you get to the equivalent of the second reel, odds are you may not feel much like eating any more.

Meet Steve Niles, “Transfusion”


If you want to know what Steve Niles really thinks, how he describes himself, and what journey he took to make it to the top of his trade… then check out this exclusive interview conducted by George Chase of Hypno Comics for Steve’s candid stories.

Watch “Evil Dead” Red Band trailer, Share a Scare


Ever wished you could share the shock of a scary moment with friends right when it happens? Well, there’s an app for that!

“Halloween 3″ No Longer Happening

Rob Zombie says the in-development third Halloween film won’t happen.

“Insidious 2″ Casting Call Contest


Are you a huge fan of Insidious? Do you think you have what it takes to make it on the big screen? Are you dying to show off your acting chops? Wanting to showcase your mad costuming skills?

The Collection: Phoenix Area Screening Tix Giveaway


For any Phoenix Metro area residents interested in checking out an advance screening of LD Entertainment’s new horror feature The Collection, they have asked Slice of SciFi to help give away 50 pairs of passes so you and your friends can see it first!

New “Evil Dead” Red Band Trailer Released


Be warned: The following trailer is not for the squeamish and it’s probably NSFW.

Paranormal Activity 4: Phoenix Screening Tix Giveaway


For any Phoenix Metro area residents interested in checking out a screening of Paranormal Activity 4, Paramount is giving away passes for you to use!

Slice of SciFi 503: Interview with Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on “The Victim”


Interview: Anchor Bay’s recent direct-to-DVD release The Victim was a project of love by Michael Biehn and his wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, brought about from Michael’s being bitten by the exploitation bug while working on Grindhouse. From being his directorial debut to having family work on every facet of production, the Biehns talk about the unexpected welcome response from horror film festivals around the world, and the anticipation of Anchor Bay’s DVD release.

Inside “Sinister” with Ethan Hawke: A Slice of SciFi Special Report


Slice of SciFi‘s Zoe Hewitt hit the red carpet with Ethan Hawke for a special screening of “Sinister” in Los Angeles.

Slice of SciFi #474: Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Mother’s Day, SAW)

Darren Lynn Bousman

The news you can use today includes: John Carter is still a hot mess, Hannah Hangover, We Want Bat Toys, Batman’s well hung Robin Sock, Devil’s Carnival, The Clone Wars, Dexter’s New Hottie and yes, RoboCop reboot will still Suck.

Today’s guest is director Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW), who joins to talk about the Mothers Day remake and so much more.

Slice of SciFi #441: A Conversation With the Cast of “It’s in the Blood”, Sean Elliot, Scooter Downey and Rose Sirna

From top: Sean Elliot, Scooter Downey, Rose Sirna (Images Courtesy: It's In the Blood Web Site)

Today’s interview features a talk with the cast of It’s in the Blood, Sean Elliot, Scooter Downey and Rose Sirna. Find out more about this new independent horror film in our interview and at their web site.