Natalie Burn: Actress, Writer, Ballerina, Fighter The star of "Awaken" talks about fighting and writing

Natalie Burn

This week, Summer talks with Natalie Burn about her latest project, the horror/thriller Awaken. Natalie is a Ukrainian Prima Ballerina turned action movie hero and writer, and she talks about going from ballet to fighting, about the appeal of writing and producing films, and about several of her upcoming horror projects.

Next, Noah and Daren discuss and review Self/Less, and they are disappointed about how an interesting starting premise about the existential consequences of shifting a consciousness could switch to an unsatisfying run-of-the-mill action/chase resolution.

Have you seen Self/Less yet? What did you think?   [Listen to the show…]

Jaime Murray: Fear and Loving in “Defiance” Power plays and other challenges await in Season 3

Defiance S3

This week, Jaime Murray chats with Summer about the challenges and changes facing Defiance in Season 3 (no spoilers). Jaime plays Stahma Tarr, who at the start of Season 3 is searching with her husband Datak Tarr for the missing members of their family, and picking up the pieces in the aftermath of devastation and the arrival of another alien race long-believed to have died out.

Jaime also talks about how the ritual baths became a thing, and wonders if Kevin Murphy might have some sort of fixation on water, since he did the same thing to her in Valentine, a short-lived series on The CW that he also created and produced.   [Listen to the show…]

Aaron Ashmore: “Killjoys” Down and Dirty Loyalties and secrets tie the Killjoys together through the good times and rough times

Killjoys Aaron Ashmore

This week, Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13, Smallville) chats with Summer about one of Syfy Channel’s newest space adventure series, Killjoys. Aaron plays John Jaqobis, one of a team of galactic bounty hunters, pursuing fugitives (called Warrants) throughout the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody class war. His character is a tough fighter but a peacemaker at heart, and in a pinch he can fix, fly or build just about anything.   [Listen to the show…]

Roger Cross: Exploring Syfy’s “Dark Matter” Roger talks about his enjoyment of roles that are action-filled and make you think

Roger Cross, Dark Matter

Roger Cross has been on so many genre and procedural shows that each time he pops up onscreen, most people say, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen him before!” Scifi fans will recognize him recently from his roles in Continuum, The Strain, and Arrow, and his previous roles in Syfy Channel’s First Wave, and the miniseries Taken.

Roger talks with Summer about his new show on Syfy, Dark Matter. This story, based on a graphic novel written by Stargate‘s Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, focuses on 6 people who wake up from stasis on a derelict spaceship, with no memory of who they are or how they got there, and their journey to find out who they really are, and what to do about their pasts.   [Listen to the show…]

David Hewlett: Talking “Debug” and Filmmaking Where science fiction, horror, art and business collide, it can get a little messy

Director David Hewlett

This week, actor turned writer/director David Hewlett (Stargate: Atlantis) chats with Summer about his latest indie scifi-thriller Debug, which stars Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen, Adam Butcher, and Adrian Holmes.

David talks about how increasing a movie’s budget can often result in changes in creative control, and how the compromises start stacking up, and what happens when the film you get isn’t the film you thought you’d get.   [Listen to the show…]

Geoff Notkin: Meteorites, Comic Books, and Space Flight Catching up with the Space Rock Man, their new show, and other fun stuff

Geoff Notkin

This week, famed meteorite hunter Geoff Notkin chats with Summer about his new TV show Meteorite Hunters Unlimited, which reunites him with fellow space rock hunter Steve Arnold for a whole new series of meteorite explorations and excavations for our entertainment.

The pilot for the new show debuts at Cosmic Con (Manchester Airport Hilton, Jun 6-7, 2015)

Geoff also talks about his new book, “My Incredibly Strange and Amazing Real-Life Adventures in the World of Comic Books”, which should be available in early release copies at Phoenix Comicon, and to the general public sometime later in June.   [Listen to the show…]

Earbud Theater: Creating Speculative Fiction Audio Dramas Finding out what makes an audio drama click

Earbud Theater

This week, Casey Wolfe, Christine Weatherup and Nicholas Thurkettle chat with Summer about how Earbud Theater got started, the process of finding and polishing a story, the challenges of production and sound design, and about making sure it all stays fun.

There’s also a teaser from their episode “Bea Little” for your enjoyment… definitely check out the full episode in iTunes or at

Next, Noah and Daren review Tomorrowland, the newest live action adventure from Disney, and Noah also adds his impressions about the remake of Poltergeist. The guys are not 100% satisfied…   [Listen to the show…]

“Time Lapse”: An Interview with Filmmaker Bradley King Once you've seen the future, you can't look away...

Bradley King, Time Lapse

This week, Summer chats with Bradley King, director and co-writer of Time Lapse, a stylish indie scifi thriller that won a number of film festival awards last year. The film is debuting in theaters and VOD (iTunes) on May 15, and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 16.

Bradley talks about the creative process of getting the film written and shot, and the nuts and bolts of the editing process to make a story’s pace and flow better, no matter how many parts you love that have to get cut.   [Listen to the show…]

Movie Talk: Loving and Hating “Avengers: Age of Ultron” So much to enjoy, but we also needed more to love

Avengers: Age of Ultron poster cut

Here, there be tons of spoilers.

Avengers: Age of Ultron has generated a lot of buzz, positive, neutral, disappointed, and on occasion angry, so this week, Noah, Daren, Gini and Summer talk about the movie, the direction it seems to be shifting the Marvel Cinematic Universe towards, and what certain story choices (or avoidance of choices) might herald for upcoming films in the larger line.

Are we getting closer to superhero overload faster than anticipated, or are our expectations way too high after the bars set by Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier?   [Listen to the show…]

Graham Shiels: Talking “Olympus” and “Lab Rats” With a love of imagination, Graham talks about fantasy, scifi, space opera, acting and more

Graham Shiels

This week’s guest is Graham Shiels, currently playing “King Aegeus” on Syfy Channel’s Olympus, and he tells us about his life-long love of fantasy and scifi, the types of stories he loved growing up and still enjoys, and more.

Graham also talks about playing out the character conflicts around Aegeus for the throne of Athens and his experiences with the green screens on set, about playing a comedic interpretation of a power-hungry billionaire who wants to be a bionic overlord on Disney XD’s “Lab Rats”, some of his upcoming projects, plus his passion for acting and for teaching acting.   [Listen to the show…]

TV Talk: Summer Season Series Kickoffs With plenty to choose from, you might want to put your TV near your outdoor grill

Slice of SciFi TV Talk

This week, Kevin Bachelder from Tuning Into Scifi TV joins Summer to chat about the TV series coming up for the late spring and summer seasons, and Wendy Hembrock provides a recap of WGN America’s Salem, for those who might be interested in checking out Season 2.

We also touch on 12 Monkeys, iZombie, Daredevil, Olympus, Orphan Black, The Messengers, Bitten, the final season of Lost Girl and Penny Dreadful. I think we need a Game of Thrones correspondent.

Are you watching any of these shows? Are you watching something we didn’t touch on? Tell us what you think!   [Listen to the show…]

Warriors and Werewolves: “The Dead Lands” and “Bitten” Reviewing an indie film, and Interviewing Laura Vandervoort

Slice of SciFi 714

This week, Noah has a review of The Dead Lands, an indie action-adventure that slides a teeny bit into mythological-fantastical storytelling that you definitely need to see.

Next, Summer has a quick interview with Laura Vandervoort, the lead actress of Bitten, about the upcoming events and expectations in Season 2 of Syfy’s hit series.

Both The Dead Lands debut in theaters and on VOD, and the Season 2 premiere of Bitten on Syfy Channel happen on April 17th.   [Listen to the show…]