New Batman Is Cast

affleck_batman Batman has been cast for the upcoming film that, for the first time ever, joins The Dark Night with The Man of Steel for a live-action big screen movie.

Director Zack Snyder had already announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con that Henry Cavill would reprise the role of Superman after his well received portrayal of the alien from Krypton, but who would be playing Batman was still a mystery. Many thought that Christian Bale might return one last time even though he made it quite clear after Dark Knight Rises that he was done with the role. Others felt Snyder would go with a relatively unknown actor. Both these views were way off base.

Well, the mystery is now over. The new Batman is Academy Award winner Ben Affleck. Yes, you heard it right, Batman is Affleck! One thing is certain Affleck’s attachment to the project lends itself to both excitement and controversy. Superman-Batman is due for U.S. theatrical release on July 17, 2015.

Let us know what you think of Snyder and Warner Bros. choice.


  1. Mouldy Squid says

    Yep, this is a casting mistake. Affleck might be able to actually act when push comes to shove, but he is too fine featured and trim to have the gravitas to play Batman. Just remember what happened the last time they cast a trim, fine featured actor to play Batman. Val Kilmer must still be smarting from the ribbing Pacino and DeNero gave him.

  2. SATworks says

    An opportunity for one of the greatest superhero combinations, which has also a good chance to break all box office records, and they cast Ben Affleck??? Sounds more like an Aprils Fool’s Day prank or an Outer Limits episode than a serious announcement.

    Why not cast Joe Manganiello? (The Pack Leader on True Blood)

    He has a great voice, the right build, the right look, etc. He was the runner up for the Superman role (and apparently the favorite choice, as he was even measured for the costume for his screen test), but could not test because of scheduling conflicts.

  3. Jake says

    Got into a nerd fight about this last night. Ben Affleck is not an action star. Not every actor is meant to play every part. I think Kevin Smith was having a brain fart when he decided to endorse this.

    • J says

      Smith and Affleck are buddies. Chasing Amy, etc., etc. Guess I gotta respect buddies standing by each other but Affleck is still a tool.

  4. Sam Sloan says

    I can remember perfectly similar conversations several years ago after Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker. He proved everyone wrong and every future performance of that role will be measured by Ledger’s stellar job. Wait and see about Ben before casting dispersions on something not yet known.

    • SATworks says

      You don’t have to wait, Sam. Just rent “Daredevil” and sit through that snooze-fest again.

      Remember we said the same things about Keaton and he was a forgettable (albeit likeable) Batman, and don’t forget flops Kilmer (boring) and Clooney, who nearly killed the franchise.

      No thanks on “‘ole Ben”. The odds of him making a respectable showing as a comic book action hero are — oh wait — never mind. Been there, done that. Flop.

      Just the same, if they keep him on the project, I hope his performance makes me eat my words. I would rather he be a success than hurt the franchise Like Clooney did.

    • says

      Have you seen the director’s cut version of Daredevil? Not perfect, but a much better movie than what was released into theaters.

      That said, don’t even get me started on how wrong Jennifer Garner was for Elektra. That’s a movie I think everyone wants to see reimagined and the original burned.

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