“Justice League” Script Scrapped?

Warner Brothers has been in a rush to catch up with Marvel Studios and the huge piles of cash made by the Marvel universe movies. That includes the upcoming Justice League movie which reportedly will open in 2015, despite not having a director or stars.

They do have a script go, though from what the rumor mill tells us, it’s a pretty terrible one.

Turns out that project may no longer have a script.

MTV Splashpage reports that the script has been scrapped and that Warner Brothers in scrambling to find a new writer and a new take on the super hero team-up film.

Devin Faraci from Bad Ass Digest tells us, “The story from each source is the same: it’s terrible. Some sources seem to think the whole movie is going to fall apart and never happen, while some believe that Warner Bros will keep moving forward, unwilling to lose the superhero arms race.”

So, do you think this is good news for a Justice League movie? Or does the idea of being two years out with no script, no director and no stars still seem a recipe for disaster for the film?

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