Has EW Spoiled The Batch’s “Trek” Identity?

Gary Mitchell, Robert April, Khan. Those are just some of the potential names that Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing in Star Trek Into Darkness.

For months, the identity of his character has been kept tightly under wraps.  But it appears that EW may have let the tribble out of the bag in an advertisement for this week’s issue.

Stop right here if you don’t want to know more….even though it’s only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.


Looks like the Batch is playing Khan after all. Are you excited? Disappointed? Not putting any stock in this latest rumor? Waiting to see? Let us know in the comments.


    • says

      It doesn’t make any sense for Batch to play Khan. He was in deep sleep on the Botany Bay long before Kirk’s time, not to mention that he’s supposed to be from India, and while Ricardo didn’t exactly look it, the Batch looks even LESS. I can’t think of a man who looks any more British than the Batch does right now.

      I think that this cover is nothing more than a red herring, and I’m still sticking with my Garth of Izar theory.

      • Laith Preston says

        I agree, Kahn doesn’t really make sense (btw being genetically engineered, appearance isn’t a given)

        But the more I think of it the more I’m liking the Garth theory.

        • says

          Even if appearances weren’t a factor due to genetic engineering, all of the clues we are given clearly show that it can’t be Khan. It’s from someone within Starfleet, which Khan never was. Besides, even if someone did wake Khan up, what would be his personal beef with Starfleet? Whoever Batch is playing, that character clearly is on a path of vengeance. Khan has no motive so it couldn’t be him.

          Garth on the other hand…

          • Laith Preston says

            Garth however isn’t after vengeance if I recall the episode correctly. He was just nuts and locked up after the massacre.

            But yeah he does seem to have been star fleet, but there isn’t much solid on that fact. His wardrobe is about the only clue, and he could have stolen a uniform.

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