Rick Baker Wants to Work on New “Star Wars” Movie

Oscar winning make-up artist Rick Baker says that he’s ready to return to a galaxy far, far away.

Baker says he was excited when he heard Disney had purchased the rights to the Star Wars universe and was planning a new trilogy of films.  The sixty-one year old artist says he’d love a chance to play in the sandbox that helped launch his career.  As many of you may know, one of Baker’s first jobs was working on A New Hope, where he created the creatures in the famous cantina scene.

“So much of the stuff I did in the first Star Wars was very quickly done,” he recalls. “Nobody knew thatStar Wars was going to be Star Wars.

And he hopes the new movies ease up on visual effects and attempt more practical effects.

“I think the problem that people have with the digital stuff is the problem I have: Just because you can do anything doesn’t mean that you should,” he says. “Instead of having a spaceship battle with three spaceships, they have 3,000 spaceships. Everything is so big and there’s so much going on, you lose reality. It takes you out of it.”

Baker’s most recent work was on the just released to home theater Men in Black 3.  Baker will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Friday.

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