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Slice of SciFi 765: Boarding the Enterprise

Talking “Star Trek” with David Gerrold, Robert J. Sawyer Anniversary edition of "Boarding the Enterprise" allows us to revisit memories and other discussions

This week, the 10th anniversary edition of Boarding the Enterprise was released to honor the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, so David Gerrold and Robert J. Sawyer, the award-winning authors who edited that collection, join us to talk Trek memories and more.

Are you doing anything special for the Star Trek 50th anniversary? Tell us what you think! Leave a message at 602-635-6976, or send Summer an email with a comment you’ve recorded!   [Listen to the show…]

Talking Dark Fantasy & Scifi: Director Pearry Teo, Actress Britne Oldford Two interviews featuring "The Curse of Sleeping Beauty" and Syfy's "Hunters"

This week, we have two conversations that shed a little light on some of the darker tales we enjoy.

First, director Pearry Teo’s talks about his latest feature, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, a reimagining of the fairy tale with a much darker twist to it.

Next, Britne Oldford plays Agent Alison Regan on Syfy Channel’s Hunters, and she talks about her character, the cast’s training, and the joys of being a scifi geek.

Tell us what you think of The Curse of Sleeping Beauty or Hunters! Leave a message at 602-635-6976, or send Summer an email with a comment you’ve recorded!   [Listen to the show…]

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