Firefly Online Adds Dorn and Romano


Michael Dorn joins the voice cast for Firefly Online.

Loot Crate Offers Up a Galactic Sci-Fi September


Loot Crate offers up a Galactic September for collectors of sci-fi items.

Sci-Fried: Geek Anthems and Making Music

Sci-Fried 2014

What happens when a longtime scifi geek manages to wrangle the wild talents of a group of geeks collectively known as Sci-Fried? A fun chat about geek music, honoring TV series that died long before their time, random movie references and other hilarities ensues.

Ask 5 Friends: You & the Horse You Rode In On! Packing for a New World

Firefly Horses on Whitefall

Like those pioneers who crossed continents or oceans for a new world, these ships will be packed with the people and tools necessary to be self-sufficient. Besides necessities, people will take things to comfort their exile. Some of the objects will make sense, some will really be out there, but to each their own.

“Firefly” Gets Second Season (In Comic Books)


It’s taken over a decade but Browncoats will finally get their wish in January when the second season of Firefly debuts.

Being The Gatekeeper To Sci-Fi For Your Non-Nerdy Significant Other

Nerd Love STTNG

So, you’ve been lucky enough to find a significant other, someone who finds your unique blend of personality, looks, and geeky interests appealing. Congrats, I was rooting for you. I’m sure you two will be very happy together — What’s that? Your new partner isn’t really a nerd?

Why Scifi Needs Reruns

Syfy: Imagine Story!

Watching reruns is the heart and soul of scifi. It’s what formed the bonds that matter to us as we grow older, it’s what makes us enjoy comparing new favorite shows to old favorites, and it’s what drives us scifi geeks to want more of both.

Firefly Online

Firefly Online

Firefly Online – Summer 2014

Fox Going After “Firefly” Fans


If you’re knitting and selling your own replica Jayne hat from Joss Whedon’s short-lived TV series Firefly, Fox has a message for you — cease and desist.

Whedon Won’t Revive “Firefly” On Kickstarter


With news that several of our favorite cult series are getting a potential second life on Kickstarter, many of you may be wondering when and if Firefly will join the rush for a fan-funded second life.

Fan Wants To Prove Wash Didn’t Die


Still stinging over the death of Wash in Serenity? You’re not alone.

Science Channel To Host “Firefly” Reunion


It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Firefly first debuted on our screens.

Whedon Details How “Firefly” Could Return


During a recent Reddit chat, Joss Whedon was asked how Firefly might come back for a second season.

Whedon put his tongue firmly in his cheek as he detailed the steps that would need to take place for us to get a second season of the show.

“Firefly” Video Game Could Get Second Chance


A video game based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly could get a second shot at life, reports Massively.

P.C. Run-a-muck: ‘Firefly’ and Anti-Fascism Posters Get Professor Threatened with Criminal Charges on University of Wisconsin Campus


A professor has been censored twice, reported to the “threat assessment team,” and threatened with criminal charges because of satirical postings on his office door. Campus police at the University of Wisconsin–Stout (UWS) censored theater professor James Miller’s poster depicting a quotation from actor Nathan Fillion’s character in the television series Firefly, and the police chief threatened Miller with criminal charges for disorderly conduct.