“Doctor Who: Engines of War” — A Slice of SciFi Book Review

Doctor Who: Engines of War

The trickiest part of writing a tie-in novel with a movie or TV franchise is making the characters speak with the voices we have come to know on screen. In this sense, Doctor Who: Engines of War is a success. Author George Mann brings the War Doctor to life in this adventure that takes place during the Time War. Throughout the course of the story, I could hear John Hurt’s voice in the dialogue.

Star Trek Writer Morgan Gendel Guest Speaker at The Museum of Science Fiction


The Museum of Science Fiction in partnership with the DC Public Library will host Star Trek screenwriter, Morgan Gendel.

“The Nostalgist” Coming to VOD and DVD


“The Nostalgist” is set in a futuristic world where reality is not quite what it seems

“Christopher Columbus Saves the World”


The future of the universe hangs in the balance and Christopher Columbus is the only one who can save it all

Batman 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray


Batman 25th Anniversary Two-Disc Edition, a new Blu-ray edition will debut on December 9, 2014

A New “Lost in Space,” Kevin Smith Survives the Cut and More

Lost In Space

Good News – Bad News – It’s All News Briefs

Giveaway: Mortal Kombat Legacy II Blu-ray

Mortal Kombat Legacy II

Want to see Mortal Kombat Legacy II in hi-def at home? Here’s your chance to win a copy of it on Blu-ray!

One grand prize winner will win Season 1 on DVD and Season 2 on Blu-ray, and a runner-up will win a copy of Season 2 on Blu-ray.

“The Scribbler” — A Slice of SciFi DVD Review


The whole time I was watching The Scribbler it felt to me like it was aspiring to be something larger than what it was. It seemed like somebody trying to make a big budget comic book film, but having to shoot it with a home movie camera.

One Step Closer To Star Trek Holodeck


RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience

“The Killer Shrews” Coming to DVD

The Killer Shrews_lg

So Bad …. It’s Good!

Batman Stamps Dedication New York Comic Con 2014

Jim Lee, Dan DiDio

Limited Edition Forever Stamps Celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary

Gerry Anderson’s “Firestorm” Gets Funded


Continuing the work of the late Gerry Anderson, “Firestorm” is a new science fiction series utilizing puppetry, miniatures and practical effects!

New “Interstellar” Trailer


It looks like Nolan has created another masterpiece in cinematic entertainment

Inception Readies Two Horror Films for Halloween Season


“The Dead and the Damned 2″ and “A Haunting at Preston Castle” ready on DVD and VOD for Halloween

7th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival Screenings Schedule

Imagine Science Film Festival 2014

Through 89 films (5 features & 84 shorts), the 7th annual Imagine Science Film Festival will explore the theme of “TIME”. Topics including time-lapse, evolution, aging, development, time travel and geologic time will be discussed through experimental, animation, visual data, documentary and fiction films.