“Star Trek Continues” – A Slice of SciFi Review

star-trek-continues-first-episodeStar Trek Continues is the new live action web-based series from Vic Mignogna, the popular anime voice actor. Mignogna stars as Captain James T. Kirk. The USS Enterprise is in her fourth year of going where no man has gone before warping off right where the original series ended in 1969.

The first episode of this new series of adventures has been completed, made its debut at this year’s Phoenix Comic Con and is now available for viewing online. It has everything the Star Trek TOS fan could want; fantastic sets and props that look like they were lifted right off the Desilu and NBC lot, right down to the EVA suits, Scotty’s favorite hangout in the Jeffries-tube as well as all those uncomfortable 60’s-something chairs on the bridge. Speaking of the bridge, you’d swear they were somehow able to get their hands on the original but this one is even better. No noticeable wear and tear or cardboard feel to it and all the flashing lights, bells and whistles work perfectly.

Mignogna is well cast as Kirk. He is Shatner-like without too many Shatnerisms, just a few to makes us old timers feel at home. Oh, I have to mention, there is even the requisite shirtless Kirk in one scene for this first episode. Fellow anime voice actor Todd Haberkorn stands in as Spock. Doctor McCoy, at least for this first episode, is played by the famous walking wiki of Star Trek, Mr. Larry Nemecek who knows more about the Trek-verse than any living creature should. The real win here for Trek fans is Christopher Doohan, son of James Doohan who portrayed Starfleet engineer Commander Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in every episode of the original series, a guest appearance on Star Trek The Next Generation, and continued as Scotty for seven big screen Trek films. Chris was perfect casting in the role of Scotty. He captures all his Dad’s mannerism’s as chief engineer, his Scottish-brogue and great love for the Enterprise. Sitting at the communications station is Kim Stinger as Uhura, “Mythbusters” star Grant Imahara is excellent as Mr. Sulu and Wyatt Lenhart (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) is quite at home as Ensign Pavel Chekov.

This first episode is titled “Pilgrim of Eternity” and it boasts of very significant guest stars, first looks at what is now familiar technology and even an introduction to the position of Ships’s Counselor, something every Next Generation fan should be very familiar with.

stc-ep1-pilgrim“Pilgrim of Eternity” guest stars the wonderful Michael Forrest. He reprises his role of the god Apollo from the TOS second season episode called “Who Mourns for Adonis?” which first aired on American television on September 22, 1967. This new Star Trek Continues episode takes place two years after the events of Kirk’s encounter with Apollo in which the Enterprise destroyed Apollo’s seat of power forcing him to leave Kirk and crew and drift off into the unknown. With this continuation of the story we find out what has transpired in Apollo’s life since leaving his Olympus and how the reunion with Kirk once again sparks hope in Apollo to return to the god business as usual.

As well as meeting up with our old pal Apollo this new episode also introduces fans to Starfleet’s new first ever shipboard position of Counselor wonderfully played by actress Michele Specht, the holodeck gets its embryonic stages in the hands of Mr. Scott, but it has a long way to go before it’s up to TNG specs which could explain why it never made a debut in any of the first six films.

“Pilgrim of Eternity” landed two big guest starring names from the world of science fiction. Jamie Bamber from “Battlestar Galactica” pays a red shirt visit and The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis is the ship’s computer voice. I hope she has signed on for multiple episodes as it was great hearing her voice aboard the Enterprise once again.

This first episode is a worthy effort on the part of Vic Mignogna, Farragut Films and DracoGen Strategic Investments. They have certainly raised the bar for independent Star Trek episodic film making. Their main competitor and the one that started it all, Star Trek Phase II (New Voyages) has some work to do now that this new kid on the block has shown its first colors, and they are bright. I have little doubt of Phase II’s ability to meet the call as their productions are also second to none. But, nevertheless, look out Mr. Cawley, Mr. Mignogna is on the playing field and he is on his game.

This is a good time to be a Star Trek fan. Hollywood is listening. The internet is maturing and the franchise of 50 years shows no sign of aging. May it Live Long and Prosper indeed.

Check out Episode One at Star Trek Continues – Episodes


    • says

      Nor should you as there is plenty of room for both web series to exist. This isn’t a competition. However, I’m just delighted at the wealth of fan-made Trek material that IS out there to watch and IS of good quality. I’m personally happy that Vic is there adding his take to a franchise that we are all still very much in love with.

    • Christian Ready says

      Star Trek Continues is the first time I’ve ever watched a fan-made production and I was blown away by it. That led me to discover Star Trek Phase II, which blew me away as well. Both of these productions are absolutely top notch!

      • Sam Sloan says

        I agree 100% Christian. I was a fan of Phase II (New Voyages) from their very 1st episode & my 2 favorite from them are To Serve All My Days with Walter Koenig & World Enough And Time with George Takei. They were both very beautifully done & could have easily been a part of TOS regular episodes they were that professionally done and that is all because of the top notch and meticulous work done by James Cawley, cast and crew. Now, after seeing Star Trek Continues’ 1st endeavor I can honestly say they too have done a stupendous job & I look forward to great future episodes from both productions.

        • James Nelson says

          Yeah, that last line pretty much sums it up. This really is a great time to be a Star Trek fan, and seeing as how one of these independent productions do take a while from conception to completion, the more top notch teams there are at the table, the less time I have to spend waiting to get my fix.

      • Ed says

        I’ve seen a lot of youtube Star Trek fan fiction.

        Almost all of it is terrible.

        This? Not terrible. And that’s a huge compliment.

  1. Mike Spitzer says

    I may be suffering from a lifetime of traditional thinking where you expect a return on investments, but these are impressive productions to only be fan-made web shows

    People are really putting this much time and quality effort into these productions without any hope of financial compensation ?

    From the looks of it, it seems these must have cost at least $50,000 per episode at the cheapest.
    That is a good chunk of change “just for fun”

    What am I missing

    • Sam Sloan says

      They are impressive productions indeed. Finances come from varied sources, most prominently from fans like you and I who donate to the projects upstart programs such as Kickstarter and others, but also from those who are in front of and behind the cameras as well. Most all the actors and crew donate their own time, talent and money to this because it is a project of love first and foremost. Volunteers on the production staff get heavily involved with everything from doing cleanup crews to carpentary, lighting and so on. It really is a labor of love for projects like Star Trek Phase II and Star Trek Continues, just to name the two most popular and respected out there.


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