The Fifth Doctor Revisited Story Revealed

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BBC America continues its year long celebration of all things Doctor Who later this month with the new special The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor and then an airing of the four-part serial “Earthshock.”

The special will air on Sunday, May 26th.

Orginally shown in 1982, “Earthshock” featured the surprising return of the Cybermen to the series’ mythology.  The serial is also famous for its conclusion in which one of the Doctor’s companions is killed.

Before the story airs, the Fifth Doctor’s era will be looked back on in a new special. Taking part in the retrospective documentary will be Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor), Steven Moffat (CurrentDoctor Who show runner), Hugh Bonneville (2011’s The Curse of the Black Spot and A Good Man Goes to War), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Mark Strickson (Turlough) and many others.

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