Guess Who’s Coming Back to “Supernatural”?

A face from season one of Supernatural is coming back for the current eighth season.

Actress Taylor Cole, who played art gallery owner Sarah Blake in the season-one episode “Provenance,” will be returning in an upcoming season-eight episode. If you don’t recall the episode right off hand, we can tell you that Sarah was a love interest for Sam and that she helped the guys investigate that week’s supernatural activity.

So why did it takes seven seasons for her to come back?

It seems that Sarah connects to this season’s story arc about the gates of hell.

“[She’s] not going to be the only blast from the past. The reappearance of old friends is somewhat related to the trials, and not in a very good way,” says producer Jeremy Carver. He also hints that we could see some other familiar faces as season eight winds down.

Cole tweeted out a picture from the set:

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