Did “Man of Steel” Prop Auction Reveal SPOILERS?

The recent prop auction of items used in the making of Man of Steel may have revealed a twist in the classic love-story of Superman and Lois Lane.

What if Lois was married when she met the Man of Steel?

That could be the case.   Comic Books Resources reveals that one of the props sold off was a wedding ring for Lois Lane.

So, does this mean she’s married when she meets Superman?  And if that’s true, did they learn nothing from Superman Returns?!?

Or does this mean the two get married during the film?

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see when the film opens later this year.


  1. says

    Nope, don’t want that to be true. Another Superman film with a shoehorned love triangle is all wrong. Thanks for nothing Superman Returns. I also don’t have to have Lois and Clark hook up and fall in love in this film either. Save that for the next one.

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