New “Stargate” Headed Our Way?

Could we be getting ready for a new journey through the Stargate?

According to the latest rumors, yes.

Gateworld reports an effort is underway to revive the Stargate universe.  What isn’t certain is what type of medium could be used to bring the universe back to fans.

The source is somewhat sketchy, an independent producer named Darren Thomas with game developer Ordino Studios, but according to him MGM is planning to bring the franchise off of life support, likely as a videogame of some kind.

Here’s the announcement recap, via the official Stargate SG-1 Facebook page:

Wow, what a day! Tonight the Stargate Convention in Vancouver, is buzzing with excitement about an earlier announcement made by independent producer, Darren Thomas. Fans were treated to previously unreleased news about MGM’s collaboration on a new SG-1 App designed for smart phones and tablets. The scoop from Thomas is that MGM is reviving SG-1 albeit in a new format — music to the ears of many fans around the world. Thomas didn’t want to divulge more, but he did say that “plans are underway and I wish I could tell you more. The good news is that we will be unveiling something big at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.” [Set for mid-July]. But in the meantime stay tuned for more information right here on the SG-1 official MGM page.

So are you happy about the news that Stargate could come back? Or were you hoping that somehow it’d be a revival of SGU?


    • Bruinsfan says

      Seriously. They could film Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Chris Judge, Claudia Black, and Michael Shanks sitting down for poker night or having drinks in a ComicCon hotel bar and it would be preferable to SGU returning.

      • says

        Seriously? Plenty of science fiction fans really liked SGU. It was the best of the franchise, ground breaking and original with a true sense of wonder which Stargate sorely needed after it got way too formulaic with the first two series . I doubt anything they do could top SGU. The first 5 episodes were better than anything Stargate that preceded it. I felt this cancellation worse than Firefly.

        • Mikey says

          Woe woe, settle down the champ. SGU was a weak attempt to reignite the BSG fans, nothing more. Firefly is much more similar to SG1 in every aspect, the comedy, the clearly defined leader and episodic story arcs.

          Every scifi show that has spent large amount of time on emotional character development has only made a few seasons. Scifi in general is complex for most people to grasp, yet tv producers continue to insist on adding more and more layers with indepth childhood emotional character development.

          • Jon says

            At first I felt the same way about SGU but then it really started getting better….and of course soon as it started getting really good, they cancelled it. Too bad it took the writers so long to realize we wanted a stargate story not a spaceship soap opera like BSG turned into.

  1. Alverant says

    SGU was too dark and gritty for my tastes. There was a SG MMORPG in the works but that projent ended years ago. Maybe that can be revived.

    • says

      if you mean stargate worlds, not possible. that company is gone, mgm doesn’t have the license for sg anymore, all investors money is gone. i wanted to play this game when i saw the website and videos, but when i go to get it? nothing, nada, zip, zilch. sorry

  2. Mich67 says

    a Stargate video game? meh…I think Mass effect stole the stargates. I liked SGU by the way and was sorry to see it go.

    • Joshua Shear says

      Mass Effect not only stole the Stargates but also the main character’s name from Atlantis, John Sheppard.

  3. caroline says

    I thought SGU started off too slow, but was getting really good just as it ended. I felt like it needed another season to develop. Remember when they let shows do that? Hope the new thing (whatever it is) gets a chance.

    • okfoz says

      I agree. I felt like there was too much time between getting on the ship and the show actually going somewhere… It took an entire season to figure out how to turn it on… By the end I really liked how it was turning out, but then it was cancelled…

  4. Adrian says

    I loved SGU. Yes, it was dark and gritty, but that’s what I enjoyed. If I’m not mistaken the creator of SGU, presented the show to SyFy as a five year story line. No more, no less.

    • Alverant says

      If you like dark and gritty, all the more power to you (gasp, someone respecting a difference of opinion on the internet). I think it was great they did plan SGU to be 5 seasons so it could tell its story. I loved SG-1 but it should have ended with season 8. Going further made it seemed forced wasn’t as good IMHO. I stopped watching the DVDs half way through season 10 but I still have the movies left to watch.

      • Josef Lugh says

        I personally found seasons 7 and 8 to be the most boring and dull experience in SG1, i really enjoyed the ori invasion idea, and the relationship between vala and danial jackson, not so much cam michiel. and loved atlantis.

  5. says

    what they need to do is a Movie or mini series of SGU and how they deal with things when they come out of the stasis pods. I would love to see a SG1 or SGA revival or again a movie or mini series with both series.

  6. Tom from Peoria says

    I would love for SG:U to come back! Granted it was slow building in the first season, but I believe it found it’s legs in the second. It was a damn fine show! Now bringing ‘Stargate’ back as a video game excites me not. (Sigh)

  7. Robert White says

    I thought all SG1, Atlantis, and SGU were great, and it should have never been cancelled. I would love for SGU to come back.

  8. cool says

    SGU killed off the stargate franchise ,it was a badly writen soap series,in the first episode when the girls father had to push the button to save everyone and locked the door ,why couldnt he have landed the usless floating camera on the button instead for an example ,also if i was on a huge ship the first i would do is search everywhere not just stay in one area ,bring back SGA or SG1

    • says

      1: they didn’t know how may KINOs they had. 2: still learning how to work the KINO. 3: probably wouldn’t have worked anyway because KINOs don’t go very fast. 4: didn’t know how big the ship really was. 5: it was losing power with failing life support, if they’d gone through a lot of the ship they would’ve died. 6: SGU wasn’t really bad. 7: without facts = you fail

  9. says

    SGU was awesome. Loved the dark and gritty feel to it. It hardly killed off the Franchise. It was a last gasp of it, that wasn’t supported enough. They were already in trouble with the Ending of SG-1 an Atlantis. Truth of the matter is that the Scifi channel has gone bonkers and cancel crazy.

  10. jack o'neill says

    its all about SG1 .. also atlantis was decent but SGU was waste of time and money.. character development emotional content who wants that in SCI fI series or movie. so was Star gate SG1 the best of the series in the word of Teal’c INDEED IT WAS !!! besides SGU was mainly bunch of kids with a grandad RC(rush).

    • sir.michael.valentine says

      hell yea i feel ya on that bring back sg1 wait wait how about this idea combine both sg1 & sga for an ultimate stargate show with the way both shows ended it could easily work and if jack o’neill wont return to lead the team then have Col Sheppard lead them with new dangerous worlds to explore it would be awesome.

  11. sir.michael.valentine says

    ok ill admit some of sgu was good but all the drama over powered everything. i skipped almost every beginning of every episode. because it was nothing more then teen drama with eli and that young girl that keep hitting on eli then doing it with some other dude it was teen drama that i didn’t want to see. plus i had to skip some of the fighting between dr rush and col young because they were acting like children -_- so you can see why the real stargate fans hate sgu and would rather see a reboot of sg1 & sga before turning our brains to mush on more sgu & yea if you never liked stargate and only was here for sgu was because of all the drama and need to go back to your crappy shows and leave the stargate franchise alone. sgu is not part of this great franchise its an ugly offspring :D…plus with only 2 seasons it isn’t a stargate series. to us real fans it has to be more then 2 to be a real stargate series i may be the only one saying this out loud but you all know im right on the inside and want to say it too .

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