CW Renews “Vampire Diaries,” “Supernatural”

Fans of the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural can rest easy.  The CW has given both series a renewal for next season.

The CW renewed three shows including Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.  No word yet on the fate of Nikita or Secret Circle.  Both are on the bubble as is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer.

The CW should make its final decision in the next few weeks on these shows.




  1. Tonya says

    Very happy to hear this! :) Especially since I thought this was going to be the final season to Supernatural. Bonus! Plus I just love Vampire Diaries. Season 2 is my favorite and I was worried that they were starting lose focus for the whole first half of season 3, but they came back with a bang! ( I still believe that Bonnie sooooo needs to go! )

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