Kristin Bauer of “True Blood” — A Hollywood Reporter Interview

Photo Courtesy of HBO

The Hollywood Reporter has a new interview with True Blood actress Kristin Bauer.  Bauer plays Pam on the hit HBO series.

The interview does contain SPOILERS if you’re not caught up on season four.

THR: We’re seeing that Pam isn’t quite into the vampire politics.

Kristin Bauer: Right. It’s very fun to find out this year that she’s not a strategist.  She really is the least apologetic of anybody about being a vampire it seems. She’s just not a team player. She feels that this whole thing is ridiculous. She’s a reactor. She can’t think two steps ahead, which of course is what is needed now in this post-Russell Edgington world. She’s smart, but doesn’t want to be in charge of making the bigger decisions. You know, Eric has patience. He can work angles. It was a thousand years or something to track down Russell Edgington last year. He bided his time and hung out with him and, you know, had a love scene with his lover. He can really play the game and he knows Pam can’t. He doesn’t expect her to and doesn’t ask her to. It’s kind of an amazing perfect relationship.

THR: How deep does this vampire goodwill campaign go?

Bauer: Well it’s really smart how these writers did it, because the analogy as to what we see in politics is what the vampires have to do. So, they shake hands, they hold babies, they do all the stuff that we see all of the people we’ve elected doing all the time. It works, apparently, because we’ve got a couple of wars going on, but if we see our politicians doing something nice in another area, we sort of still don’t give up hope. That’s basically what the vampires do, same thing.

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