Lindelof Critical of January Jones

Actress January Jones has come under scrutiny during her time on the TV show Mad Men. Fans and critics have debated for seasons the extent of her acting ability on the acclaimed AMC series.

So it shouldn’t be a shock that her performance in X-Men: First Class as Emma Frost is receiving some scrutiny as well.

But what may surprise you is the source of the scrutiny.

Former Lost producer Damon Lindelof tweeted about the film and Jones specifically this week.

“Emma Frost’s THREE mutant powers: Telepathy, Transformation to Solid Diamond and last but not least, Sucking at Acting,” he says.

Lindelof isn’t alone in casting a critical eye on Jones. On this week’s Firewall and Iceberg Podcast, Hitfix TV columnists Alan Sepinwall and Dan Feinberg also take up the question of Jones work in the film.


  1. Sam Roberts says

    I thought she was the worst part of an overall good movie. Was Emma Frost so bland and boring in the comics? Yikes!

  2. says

    it’s about time someone see’s she is a bad actress and not so great person for sleeping with a married man.i can only hope that happens to her one day.for someone how say’s family is the only thing that matters, that is low.

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