Beaver Will Be Back for “Supernatural” Season Seven

Actor Jim Beaver says he’ll be back for the seventh season of Supernatural.  But don’t look for his name in the opening credits.

Beaver says he will still be listed as a guest star on the CW series and that he’s just fine with that.

“I appreciate the fan support on this issue, but it’s not true that I’m being disrespected or unfairly treated by being a guest star. Quite the contrary,” he tells Zap2It. “Supernatural has been incredibly supportive and generous and kind to me, in every possible way, and our current contractual relationship suits me fine.”

Beaver says that being a recurring character on the show gives him time to pursue other projects and acting jobs.

“I’ve been able to do four or five other shows each season, yet I don’t think I’ve ever missed a Supernatural episode they wanted me for,” he explained. “I’d not have been able to do those other shows if I’d been a regular.”

Beaver, who first appeared as Bobby in the show’s first season finale in 2006, also revealed that he has rejected numerous offers of a promotion.

“Every season since, we discuss it, but at present it seems that the existing situation is the best one we can agree on,” he said. “I’m not unhappy, and the show is spectacularly respectful of me and my needs.”


  1. says

    I’m glad he’ll be back. Bobby is my favorite character on the show. He’s the moral compass for Sam & Dean. He slaps the “igiots” back down to reality when they get distracted.

  2. Maria says

    It’s not “igiots” – it’s idjits. Which is why Jim calls his Twitter followers “twidjits.” Bobby rocks.

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