“Firefly” Flies Again on Science Channel

FIREFLY Lands at Science Channel Premieres Sunday, March 6 @ 8pm

— New episodes air every Sunday @10pm ET only on Science Channel
— Renowned Astrophysicist Dr. Michio Kaku also reveals the “Science behind Firefly”

February 17, 2011 (Silver Spring, Md. ) From the creator of the hit TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” sci-fi savant Joss Whedon delves into the final frontier with “Firefly,” which lands exclusively on the Science Channel on Sunday, March 6 @8pm ET with the airing of the original 2-hour pilot. Immediately following, episode one of the 15-part series will air at 10pm ET.

firefly_crew“Firefly” will dominate the airwaves every Sunday with an encore episode of the previous week airing 9pm ET to be followed by the network premiere of the next episode in the series airing at 10pm ET.

As a special treat for “Firefly” fans, star of Science Channel’s “Sci-Fi Science,” and the cofounder of string field theory, Dr. Michio Kaku, will be commentating on the science behind “Firefly” for each episode. From terraforming, to anti-matter, Kaku will be explaining why the science fiction featured in the show really isn’t that far from science fact.

When “Firefly” first aired in 2002, Whedon’s sci-fi western quickly became a cult favorite. Set 500 years in the future, in the aftermath of a universal civil war, the story centers on the renegade crew of a small transport spaceship led by “Castle’s” Nathan Fillion, who directs the ragtag team through adventures into unknown parts of the galaxy, as they try to evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them.


  1. Gazerbeam says

    This is on the Science Channel, but a cooking show heavy on the science is on the Sci-Fi channel… Am I in Bizarro World?

  2. says

    I am thrilled that the Science Channel has the forsight to put Firefly on its schedule and, unlike Fox, will run all the episodes and in the proper order.

    That being said…..so if I want great scifi I need to go to the Science Channel,but if I want wrasling and so-call reality TV I need only tune in to SyFy. We really are only a little more than a year away from 12/21/2012 aren’t we. Hope everyone has saved up a billion Euros for that spot on an ark.

    • says

      @Sean, don’t know if you noticed, but Ovation TV ran a Firefly marathon — 2hrs every night for a week, plus another full run — not too long ago, back in December or January.

      Also, Science Channel is worth it, for more than just Firefly… there’s Meteorite Men, Mantracker, and of course, Punkin Chunkin :)

  3. Sean From Edwards says

    @Summer: Firefly I can watch anytime, I have the disks and netflix, I am more interested in seeing Kaku and crew’s commentaries, I should have been more explicit in what I meant. *avoids flying fruit*

    • says

      @ Sean, That doesn’t lessen the fact that Science Channel has some cool programming. And you know, Mike has a dream, to build a Slice of SciFi chunker. Feel like volunteering to catch the pumpkins for us? We do have a really limited budget, and if we could save money on how much we spend on practice pumpkins, that could help Mike’s chunker costs.

      I can’t remember if he wanted to go air cannon or trebuchet, though… that makes a difference in where we’d have you stand… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But I wonder if they’d have to limit adding commentaries to shows that ran for a season or less. It could be cool to see Kaku do a series of “Physics of the Impossible” geared towards the plausibility of what we see in an entire series, where he tackles a different show in each episode.

  4. Sihnon says

    How great is this! I will watch them, even though I have the DVD’s! Rating my dear Slicers, rating!! Let’s send FOX a message!

    We aim to misbehave!

  5. Mike Kretsch says

    I wonder if the guys who canceled Firefly are any relation to the guys who canceled Star Trek? (let’s sell the syndication rights, this will never go anywhere). What really gets me is the refusal to admit they were idiots.

  6. Vijer says

    Firefly is great, the writing is superb the sets are great and not too much soap opera. The original Star Trek had this feel and fun, but the other show like V and Battlestar Galactica are basically soap operas with sci fi clothing.

    For such a short run Firefly must have a great following; boston.com ranks Firefly #17 in the all time top 50 Sci Fi shows.

    Wish there were more than 14 episodes.

  7. Harrison Inman says

    Although I really like the idea of Michio Kaku commenting on Firefly, I do wish that the SCIENCE channel would have more programming on what’s known as the “hard sciences,” particularly with hopefully, someday, Michio narrating a series on Quantum Physics, with episodes explaining the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment, and Quantum Entanglement theory, along with the various “paradoxes” that exist in the quantum level of reality. I THINK most people would find it all quite fascinating…?

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