Slice of SciFi #291: An Interview With Patrick Di Justo and Kevin Grazier, Authors of The Science of BSG

bsgscienceIn the News:

  • A NASA probe has returned some spectacular new close-up photos of a comet.
  • Find out which Oscar-winning actor helped Christopher Reeve with being typecast during the production of “Superman.”
  • Bear McCreary talks about the incidental music on “The Walking Dead”

Movie Talk: We talk about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One.”

TV Talk:  Matt Smith reflects on his first year as the Doctor.

Interview:  This week, we talk to Patrick Di Justo and Kevin Grazier, authors of “The Science of Battlestar Galactica

In the Future:

  • Cowboy Ninja Alien
  • Scrooge speaks Klingon.

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  1. says

    Just wanted to point out you want listeners to be passionate in their feedback.

    Saying “don’t sit around and hate on it {something} for those of us who like it” and “find something that makes you happy” implies wanting detractors to instead channel their feedback toward shows they like . . .

    . . . a trifle ironic when one of the things you guys like about SGU is it’s dark side, and how all the people are unlikable, and how it reflects real life.

    Mind you, I’ve stopped watching it, and so can’t comment on it any more, but when I was watching it, when it did irritate me, when I finally decided to stop watching, I wanted to have my few minutes of venting, of expressing my opinion on the off chance it joins other opinions to form a voice that might speak to the people responsible for both writing and programming (because, you know, they care what fans think . . . )

    And yes, I agree it would be pointless for me to keep writing about it every week once I stopped watching, but I must also admit when I hear “for those of you who stopped watching after 3 shows, you don’t know what you are missing” it sounds a bit like a condescending challenge, and some might see it as a call to reiterate their reasoning for no longer watching the show in question.

    Not bitching; . . . just offering my dark, real world, flawed, and boring feedback. I think some people will like it, but for those who don’t . . . I don’t want to hear it.