Slice of SciFi #276: Conversation With Roger Lay, Jr (Producer, “Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis”)

roger-chrysalis-web.JPGIn the News:

  • Networks are looking to find a new show that will energize ComicCon fans like “Lost” did.
  • Linda Hamilton will play Chuck’s mom.
  • Find out more about the new WB Animated movie, “Batman: Under the Red Hood.”

Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood is back with a few Multiverse updates

Movie Talk:

  • Scott Bakula says the “Quantum Leap” movie is finally moving forward.
  • Mr. Hyde is headed back to the big-screen.

Slice of Trivia: Kurt’s back with some new clips to stump the studio crew and you.  Can you figure them out before the studio crew does? And don’t forget Kurt needs your clips for future trivia segments. Send them:

TV Talk: We talk about what’s coming up on the third season of “Fringe.”

Interview: This week, we talk to producer Roger Lay, Jr. about his new project, “Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis.”

In the Future:

  • Wes Craven is writing a graphic novel.
  • How will “Smallville” end?

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