New Promo Pictures for “Lost”

Let the dissection and speculation begin!

Following the example of “The Sopranos” and “Battlestar Galactica,” “Lost” has released two new photos for the upcoming final season that feature the cast recreating the famous “The Lost Supper” portrait.

Fans can now begin dissecting the photos and looking for clues about the upcoming sixth and final season.






  1. KG says

    House has done it.. The Sopranos… the list goes on… but for Lost, I love this pic to decipher who IS in the pic and who ISN’T… VERY interesting. Iliana is in the pic, but Juliet isn’t… I guess her swan song was really final…

  2. says

    Julliette turned into glass in the A-bomb blast. Besides the actress who played her is now working as the female lead on “V”.

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