Joss: No Serenity sequel on the way

If you’re holding your breath for a sequel to “Serenity,” you may want to exhale. According to Joss Whedon, the creator of the first film and the series it was based on “Firefly,” while he and the cast are ready and eager to make another installment, there aren’t any studios willing to take up the mantle of a second “Serenity” movie.

“The rumors are there because people really wish it would happen,” Whedon told MTV.

“There’s been no movement,” he said. “Those rumors are just rumors, and I don’t think they’re going to stop, no matter how many times I say, ‘No, it’s not happening.’ Because somebody will say, ‘He said yes. His eyes said yes. His nose said yes. There was a yes-iness about him.’ Because people want it.”

The latest rumor seems to stem from this year’s ComicCon. Star Summer Glau, when asked about what she’d like to see happen to her character River in future comic book installments, stated she was ready and willing to do a second feature. “Oh, I would love to go back and do another ‘Serenity’ movie,” she gushed.

“It’s just that I miss everyone,” she explained. “That experience for me was the best acting experience of my life. I had never really worked before, and we were truly like a family. It was an amazing and fun time for all of us. I feel so blessed that we got to do the film at all.” But, she added, “I feel at peace with it,” so if there weren’t another movie, she’d be OK.

While “Serenity” may not generate a sequel, fans can take some comfort that both “Firefly” and “Serenity” are scheduled to debut on Blu-Ray later this year. Also, with the success of the “Firefly” mini-series from Dark Horse comics, there is a good possibility Mal and the rest of the crew will have further adventures at a comic-shop near you.


  1. says

    While that’s not the news all of us Browncoats would like to hear it’s good that so many people still want it to happen.

    For the sake of accuracy the Dark Horse comics are technically a ‘Serenity’ series not a ‘Firefly’ series. :)

  2. Casualobserver says

    Meanwhile at Skifies’ Evil Corporate Headquarters….

    A man in a cheap business suit and a monocle says,
    “Sure, we could pay a few million for the rights and set another series in a rich, diverse, exciting universe and get Joss to produce…”

    “But then we couldn’t make Megasnake 2: Death of Sci-Fi, and fans would kill us!”

    ‘Meanwhile at the Legion of Gnome…’

  3. Casper says

    …and he said “Because people want it.”
    As in “The sequel is coming. Because people want it.”
    That’s clearly what he meant. 😉

  4. JAC says

    I love how there is no plans to make anything new, but the properties are good enough to pillage from on a new high def platform! I really don’t know if I can recommend to brown coats to spend their hard earned cash for the same old titles on a new platform, seems unfair!

  5. BigAl says

    I like Skiznot’s enthusiasm and optimism… all we can hope is that it does come true…

    JAC… as much as I agree with your sentiment, maybe if there was a huge show of support the studios might see enough $$$ to sway their minds… 😛

  6. says

    meanwhile, we’re pummeled with one lazy comic book adaptation after another, each one costing two or three times the budget needed for a serenity sequel. thus, the best sci-fi film of the last 5 or 10 years can’t get a sequel, but god forbid hollywood doesn’t blow 500million trying to perfect the f-ing incredible hulk, shoving some vapid doll like jessica alba down our throats in the craptastic four, or givng the wankowski brothers carte blanche in the hopes they’ll remove their heads from their respective asses and make another film worth watching.

    major bummer.

  7. WonderJenn says

    Is it really bad that even with this, I refuse to give up all hope? It’s taken years for franchise films to resurrect themselves ::cough:: Star Trek ::cough::. And really, this is nothing new from what has been said before: “We’d love to do it, but no studios are calling.”

    This year will mark the three year anniversary of Serenity’s premiere. It’s only been three years. I have to believe that with the stars becoming bigger named actors, the continued re-release of both Firefly and Serenity to higher-def formats with new special features, and the continued growth of the Whedonverse community through events like Dr. Horrible and the upcoming Dollhouse, certainly someone somewhere will realize what this ‘verse could do if it were revived.

    And yes, I’m deluded. But if I lose all hope in this, I think that’s it for humanity for me. Insert mocking comments here.

  8. Lisa from Indiana says

    But the longer the time until the sequel, the more likely it is that the sequel will suck. Anybody remember “Star Trek, the Movie”? The actors mature, the writer moves on to other things, and the fans expect something impossible – the recreation of that wonderful experience of seeing that universe on the big screen for the first time.

    Part of me really thinks we should leave Serenity in the perfect universe of “It might have been”. No disappointments. No recriminations. Just perfection.

    And part of me is giggling, “Oh my God, Joss said ‘yes’ nine times in that paragraph! Gotta mean something is in the works!”

  9. NewZealandFan says

    Darn. I only just discovered Firefly and Serenity and I am totally hooked. Such awesome characters and a great story line. What a shame to waste it all by not having a follow up movie. Serenity rocks! Bring on the sequel, I say!

  10. Colbrowncoat says

    There has to be some way to put a Serenity sequel back on the corporate agenda. What needs to happen is an all at once upheaval of fans.
    The cancellation of the show all those years ago allowed an immediate incentive, and the mass movement to support the show is what pushed through to a major motion picture. But now that there’s a less threatening issue to address, and it’s been three years of sort of assuming Serenity would be continued… fans are suffering a mixture of confusion and ennui.
    There needs to be another uniform decision for all Browncoats to raise funds and post promotional essays and hold online meets and so on. This anniversary and the recent release of the special edition should be a perfect time. Another year and it may be too late to keep the continuity of the film in tact were a sequel to be delved into.
    Fans, Browncoats, we did it before. Let’s do it again for Joss, and the cast and crew of Serenity!!!

  11. SerbianFan says

    I feel with NewZealandFan. I have also recently discovered Serenity and then Firefly serie. Is there any clinic for addicted Firefly fans :)

  12. vbrad511 says

    i’ve still never watched the last disc from the box set. I watch the others over and over, but I’m saving the last few episodes for “special occasion”. Nah, I really just like the thought that there’s still some stuff that’s new to me that I haven’t seen, lol.

  13. Keith says

    I was a truck driver when the series aired so I missed it unfortunately , and didn’t know it existed untill one day in a video store I rented Serenity and fell in love with the movie then I watched the special features and learned of Firefly so I went to the nearest big video sales store and bought both Serenity and Firefly .
    I own several series Starsky and Hutch, Magnam P.I., Terminator The Sarah Connor show, etc. etc. but of all these shows Firefly is the one I have watched the most. I have even hooked my friends on this show and movie.

  14. Calin says

    Far out man. With all the crap Hollwood is churning out, you’d think someone would have the sense to fund a sequel that is pretty much guaranteed to have a great, funny dialog. The actors are great and there is actually a story to the movie. ARGGG it makes me so mad. I also saw the movie, got hooked & bought the Firefly series…seriously SHINY!!!!.

  15. Vinson says

    I still remember watching the trailer in a cinema back in 2005. I got hooked and waited for it to air. It’s either never aired or benn quickly taken down in the country I was in. I missed the big screen. I finally got the DVD some time later. Love it immediately and search for the series. It took me sometimes to finally found the series. What can I say, I love the series.

    Though it’s unlikely to have season 2 or sequesl to Serenity in immediate future, I still hope, one day, it will happen. Just like Transformers movie, I wished it happen for my past 20 years.

  16. Jonny says

    I just started watching Firefly shortly after Serenity, The style of writing and way of story telling is so unbelievable. So complex and compelling that it makes you want to watch for the whole story. Fox studios even though they have the money, They really have the vision in great story telling. I’m proud of Summer Glau for moving on but seriously how many more times can they beat the Terminator story over and over again.

    The Terminator was awesome the 2 sequels that followed were amazing too, but after we got the picture that the war was going to happen no matter what did they really need to make a series of TV shows of the in between time Terminator 2 & 3 let alone the lack of thought process because in the Third movie we find out John Conner resents his mother because she’s crazy and she doesn’t get killed by a robot buy by cancer. So therefore any logical idiot can figure out Sarah Conner is not going to die at the hands of a robot. Wasting more time and film on an inevitable conclusion in which most people already know.

    They need a studio to pick Firefly up for more seasons, any studio except Fox. They’re more worried about the “Death, bullets and Explosions” than the actual story. They need a studio with heart and vision where as Fox likes the blow up and fart jokes. My prime time TV line up that i watch sadly doesn’t even involve Fox anymore because all the really good shows get canceled before their prime. Sci-Fi should pick them up it be the smart thing for them since its they’re type of series with its own large group of loyal followers, that and Flash Gordon the only good that came from that movie was the Queen song I fell asleep to that movie the first time i tried to suffer through it. It really didn’t need its own TV series.

    Seriously think the Studios need to do the same thing as the US congress and that is, FLUSH DOWN those old dead turds and get some new blood in there of those people who still know how to DREAM and want to change the world for the better.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein, smart man with more vision then those studio executives with their Shiny New Gold plated helmets and upgraded from the short bus to a limo.

    My personal quote, “How did all the stupid people come into power? Was I sleeping when they took over?”

  17. Bea says

    I am crushed that this turned out to be nothing more than a rumor. With all the old fans and new that are about, I find it truly idiocy there is no one that will undertake this project.
    Looks like the Browncoats need to unite!

  18. Kristin says

    I am a big fan of “Firefly” the show. I watched it back when it first started on TV, then watched “Serenity” in the theater, then bought both on dvd.
    After I saw “Serenity” and Joss killed off Wash, I pretty much decided I couldn’t stand him. I think he is an arrogant creep. He knows that there is a big following, but he enjoys playing “God” and bashing everyone’s hopes.

    Sick SOB.

  19. ejdalise says

    I wrote this nearly three years ago, and I still feel the same way:
    I’m going to blasphemy . . .
    . . . I’m not too anxious for Firefly to come back. By this I mean a continuation of the characters and story from the original series in the Firefly verse.

    Before stones are cast, and invectives slung my way, hear me out. There are two big reasons why I say this:

    1) The original was, is, and is likely to remain one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe that character dynamic, story line, and congruence of other factors can be repeated.

    2) As much as I liked the movie, it did cap the story line. But more important, it changed the character dynamics from the original show, and of course, it killed off a few. While I can understand the reasons for Josh doing what he did (I say that, but not really), I am not willing to take the chance another movie will further alter the universe I’ve come to rely on as an escape from the drudgery of life.

    Those two things combine add up to one big reason. As Firefly has grown in importance to me, I am less willing to risk changes to my understanding and appreciation of the verse. Perhaps Fox actually did us a favor (not intentionally, of course). Perhaps it stopped at the time when the jewel was near perfection. A few more episodes, and there is the chance the jewel might have been marred, as much as enhanced.

    Serenity the movie made me realize that. It scared me. As much as I liked it as a movie, it diminished my enjoyment of the series. Now, when watching the original episodes, I’m always aware two characters are heading toward their eventual demise. The movie made it harder to watch the smiling Wash and caring Book, knowing they are not long for this world. It took a little away from my enjoyment of the episodes.

    I’ve handled it somewhat by compartmentalizing the series and movies as two separate entities, shutting one out when I watch the other, but it’s a poor solution at best.

    As much as I would like another movie, series, miniseries, I dread other changes are in store that might alter my enjoyment of the series . . . because I don’t have confidence Joss has my best interests in mind.

    Serenity showed me that. So no, I don’t want to know what happens to our beloved characters. Play with some new cast, on some new adventure, on another ship, but leave this treasure alone.

  20. says

    i don’t know about you but i have only watched one of my favorite tv shows over and over again…star trek tng…but,when i got my hands on the big damn movie and firefly the series on dvd and blu-ray,star trek took a back seat…way back…14 episodes and i can watch them over and over weekly.doesn’t get old for me… i think it’s time for browncoats to unite…just cuz fox don’t have any sense these days or then , (2002 ) when they cancelled the best damn series in the verse doesn’t mean our verse couldn’t be revisited by our favorite captain and his crew…i’m all for a serenity 2 or firefly season two…
    keep flyin’ browncoats…bwah!

  21. Kirk says

    The only reason this show is not a success is because no one wants it to be. the serries was played out of order , poorly advertised and played at a bad time slot. then the movie was released in september when it was suppose to come out in the summer. tell you the truth i never heard of the show till a went with a couple of buddies to see the movie. i never saw one advertisement for the movie which is probably why it did not hit blockbuster status. sorry to say it but there will never be a series quite like this one ever again its unique in any way possible. best series i have ever watched and probably will watch. hopeing for another season a movie would be good, the fan base has grown much more then before as u can probably tell by the DVD sales. This show was not a flop fox made it a flop. Firefly 4 EVER :)

  22. sonny says

    Why hasn’t someone taken this fight to the sci-fi network? A whole channel dedicated to the art of Sci-fi? I for one would much rather see a real story like Firefly than to have to sit through one more episode of crappy Stargate Anything.

  23. David C says

    Boy I wish i had loot, i would definitely finance this movie. I miss everything about firefly so much…Im really saddened that such a great thing is lost, but moreso that the cast and crew of this show truly loved it and wanted it to go on, but it died nevertheless…RIP firefly.

  24. ejdalise says

    I remember an interview from waaaaay back when (three years ago?) where Joss said that once Firefly/Serenity was dead (i.e. no more shows or chance of a movie sequel) he would post some of the character’s back-stories (Inara, Book, Zoe, etc.) so as not to let the fans hang forever.

    . . . I wonder if it’s time to remind him . . .

  25. Matt says

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel that Fox made a brilliant decision in taking Firefly off the air, and that Serenity should remain a memory, as opposed to a hope for the future. I mean, look at all of the wonderful entertainment choices that have been made since Firefly was pulled, evident in the plethora of “reality” television shows, sit-com’s relying solely on one-liners for laughs, and shows that prove to be simply a recasting of the same old shows, the same old scripts, and the same old plot twists. Isn’t it obvious that network officials and movie producers know what’s best for us? We can’t be expected, the simple-minded masses that we are, to make our own decisions in regard to what we wish to see on television or in the movie theater. Now… just sit back and take your medicine. It’s good for you.

  26. Matt says

    I wonder…. How much would it cost to get a sequel made? And how many of us are there? Would it be conceivable to make a sequel funded entirely by the fans?

  27. Robert S. says

    Just fininished the orignal series (FireFly); not only did I miss the show when it was first showed it took me years before I finally discovered the series by reading a bio on Jewel Staite.

    I thought she played an excellent Dr. Keller till I discovered Kaylee Frye. The whole cast of FireFly was magnificent and I can only hope that there will be some sort of continuation of the franchise.

    I’ve bought the DVD’s and have rented them via Netflix as well, hopefully, the ongoing interest in the series / movie will raise some flags at 20th Century FOX about a Serentiy sequel.

    Everyone, take care and keep the faith…

    • Thomas Sneddon says


      Fox had no part in the making of Serenity,hence the movie title being Serenity,as supposed to being named Firefly.

      Fox is the reason WHY Firefly was killed after only airing 14 episodes.


  28. Frankie G says

    Even if Serenity or Firefly were to be brought back, what about the the fact that Book and Wash were killed off in Serenity? I’d like to se the show return or a movie sequel, but I never understood why Joss killed off two characters in Serenity. It looked to me that Joss never intended to bring back the show or movie.

    Of course, there’s always a way to bring somebody back. I can’t think of how, but it IS a Sci Fi franchise. Perhaps when the Romulan named Nero went back in time in Star Trek 2009, he changed the future not only for that cast, but maybe Wash and Book are alive again. I’ll accept that if it brings back the show or movies. LOL

  29. Thomas Sneddon says

    None of the this whole affair from inception,sits well with me…Fox’s malicious intent to kill the Firefly series,the idiotic time slot & day of the week this show was originally aired,the fact that no other network ever wanted to pick this show up and to top it all off,Joss Whedon does not want to have anything to do with this story,period.

    It seemed that none of the networks wanted nothing to do with a show that was cancelled by Fox after 14 episodes….it didn’t matter WHY it was cancelled,as the presumption was that it was a sh*t show,period.

    Still though,I am shocked that the SciFi channel didn’t pick up Firely… especially so,since they aired garbage like FarScape.
    Someone please explain to me why FarScape was somehow superior to Firefly…WTF!??

    Why would Joss Whedon go through all of that trouble to get Serenity made and then just say f**k-it,and sh*t-can any possibility of any sequels afterwards?

    Why is it that Star Trek survived for 40+ years and is STILL ongoing and Firefly & Serenity wERE dead & buried after only a 3 year span…..WHAT IN THE BOWELS OF F**KING CHRIST IS GOING ON HERE??!!!


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