Roddenberry to Unveil Memorial to His Famous Father


Vulcan, Alberta, Canada – Named after the Roman god of fire nearly a century ago, the Star Trek-obsessed town of Vulcan, Alberta will eagerly welcome Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr., son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, as he unveils a memorial to his father on June 13, the first evening of the town’s 15th annual Star Trek convention.

“I very much appreciate this tribute to my father, who would be humbled by the continued popularity of Star Trek in big cities and small towns around the world,” offered Roddenberry.

“Vulcan is proud to be coincidentally associated with the Star Trek phenomenon. We are thrilled to host Eugene Roddenberry Jr. at this year’s convention, and especially to have him unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to his father,” said Dayna Dickens, Vulcan tourism coordinator. Vulcan (population 1,942) has a long history with Star Trek, erecting an over-sized replica of the Starship Enterprise and building and operating a Star Trek-themed tourist station with memorabilia and a virtual reality game.

[Pictured above is the late, great Gene Roddenberry – creator of Star Trek]

Other events taking place June 13-15 during the VulCON 15: Spock Days/Galaxyfest weekend include:

  • The inaugural jump of “The Flying Trekkies,” a seven-person sky dive demonstration team who will land on Vulcan’s main street dressed in Star Trek costumes.
  • The official opening of a large collection of Star Trek Memorabilia and Collectibles, donated to the Town of Vulcan by the estate of long time Star Trek fan and Vulcan enthusiast, Albert Cave.
  • A Star Trek Intergalactic Fan Fiction exhibition, where fans can showcase their Star Trek-related hobbies, artwork and fan fiction to an appreciative audience of fellow aficionados.
  • An outdoor event stage featuring a Star Trek-inspired fashion show and Klingon Karaoke.

  • About Roddenberry Productions:
    Roddenberry Productions is where science fiction begins. Founded by Gene Roddenberry in 1967 under another name, the company has always had a dual focus; its entertainment properties and the merchandise that accompanies them. With a stable of science fiction successes including “Star Trek,” “Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict” and “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda,” the companies continues to be entertainment institution, passionate about providing meaningful, quality entertainment and memorabilia to fans within today’s multimedia environment. The science fiction leader strives towards creating entertainment that surpasses the objective of entertaining; offering people and opportunity to think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which they live via a brand that stands for vision, space, technology, exploration, social issues, optimism and ground-breaking science fiction. To learn more about Roddenberry Productions go to


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      Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the con this year, otherwise, I’d have snurched up some nice audio for Slice on my iRiver.

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