Slice of SciFi #136: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission


In the News:

  • Batman’s newest enemy isn’t who or what you might think. It’s environmental.
  • Captain Christopher Pike has his first officer, and she use to be one of House’s right hands.
  • Matt Damon is more than just a good actor — he’s also a pretty face!

Movie Talk: Got a weird thing about suicide? Then “Wristcutters: A Love Story” will tell you what’s in store for those eager to pull their own plug.

Satiric director Craig Mazin has taken on love and fright, now he is preparing to launch a parody that takes aim at all our superhero friends in the new flick “Superhero.”

Special Segment: Joust/Frogger/Firefly Tribute….

TV Talk: Award winning actor Andre Braugher talks about his role in the new A&E SF miniseries “Andromeda Strain,” based on the popular Michael Crichton novel. He shares details on how this one is not like the movie and more up-to-date than the book that spawned it.

Also, get prepared for the viewing pleasure of a lifetime as the SCI FI Channel and George Clooney get set to bring Neal Stephenson’s best selling novel “The Diamond Age: or a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer,” to the small screen for a 6-hr miniseries sometime in 2008.

Interview: Sebastian Prooth and Andy Tyrer, executive producers of “Star Trek: The Continuing Mission,” join us to talk about this exciting new audio drama that revolves around the Trek Universe first created by the late Gene Roddenberry. “The Continuing Mission” focuses on the Starfleet crew aboard the Federation vessel, the USS Montana and its captain and crew.

Future Talk: The future holds promise of a lot of spirit as we take a look at the new film that will allow the great graphic novelist, Frank Miller, make his solo directorial debut with Will Eisner’s classic “The Spirit.”

This graphic novel to film tells the visceral, action-packed story of a man who fakes his own death and fights crime from the shadows of Central City, taking on the nefarious villain known only as The Octopus.

Miller will employ the same kind of filming and graphics CGI to live-action mix used in “300” and “Sin City,” so it should be an awesomely visual film to view.

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