Slice of SciFi #124: Interview With Shane Felux on “Trenches”

trenches_poster.jpgfelux.jpg In The News::

  • If you got a few million bucks just lying around be sure to make your reservations at the new Earth-orbiting hotel called “Galactic Suite.”
  • Harry Potter books may be over and the final films will eventually be coming out, but Potter’s next big move may be on the stage.
  • Master composer John Williams may return for the last film in the Potter franchise and again create his stupendous musical score for the final Harry Potter film. Also, author Ian Rankin cleans up the press mess he made last week concerning Rowling’s next novel.

Movie Talk:

  • Klaatu is coming back for the first time since the 1950’s. Hollywood has decided to do the unthinkable and do a remake of the sci-fi classic film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” However, the thing that may make the film interesting is who has been chosen to portray Klaatu.
  • Jodie Foster gets buff and vigilante in her new film titled “The Brave One.”

TV Talk:

  • Over the next two months there will be some really cool TV shows being made available on DVD. Some are new, as with “Heroes,” and a few are real classics from the early days of television, such as “Dark Shadows.”
  • We have really great news for all of you out there who have hi-def television and who subscribe to your cable or satellite company’s HD tier. HD-Net is offering a ton of sci-fi beginning this month, including “Torchwood” and many, many more genre-related programming.

Interview: This week director/writer/producer Shane Felux joins us to talk about his newest series-based feature called “Trenches.” Shane made his bones with the highly acclaimed feature film “Star Wars: Revelations” and followed that massive hit up with “Pitching Lucas.” In “Trenches” a group of soldiers on a war torn planet come across a danger more horrendous than they could ever imagine.

Future Talk:

  • At the end of next month John Cusack and Amanda Peet star in a delightfully charming tale called “Martian Child.”
  • Sometime in 2008 the Scorpion King returns with a prequel that will center more on the back-story of the great ancient warrior. The scoop is about who is not on board for the film.

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  1. podakayne says

    they are out of their frakkin minds!!! NO…NO, NO, NO! on the Day the Earth Stood Still remake, it’s sacrilege…WHAT!!!!!!!!!Keanue!!!! for the love of GOD what the hell>>>!!!!!!!!!!(i was listening to your announcement and i didn’t know the proposed actor till you said it…you have my reaction)

    we can only wait and see…thanks guys/summer

  2. podakayne says

    p.s. it would be better done to cast an unknown IMO and diffinetly what summer said about writing the script

  3. tim and darcy low says

    very cool awesome interview!!! trenches looks cool. I agree with Summer. hollywood should be renamed. hollywhoa.


  4. fred says

    Look forward to seeing Trenches, the trailer looks cool.

    As far as Flash Gordon, I think it was made for the same demo that watches Power Rangers. If I was ten years old again, I’d dig the show. It almost seems like someone tried to mix baywatch with buck rogers.