Tom Baker – The Doctor Is Now a Blogger

tbdwMany may be wondering just what Tom Baker, considered by millions of Doctor Who fans to be the best Doctor in the history of the 43 year old franchise, is up to these days.

Well, he has traded in the tardis for a blog with Blockbuster. Huh? That’s right, Tom is got his own blog going with

These days Tom resides in France. That’s right! The good Doctor has moved from his haunts in the UK and made residents with his neighbors across the channel, where he does his blog, reviews films and novels and lives what many may consider a very humble life.

Tom is also hyping his DVD dedicated to scifi trivia. It’s called “Tom Baker’s Ultimate SciFi Quiz.” According to SFX Magazine, it’s not anything to get too excited about due to its increased content of erroneous information, but you can be the judge of that if you per chance decide to drop down your cash to get it.

No matter, it is always good to keep up with one of the favorite Doctors and keep tabs on his whereabouts and doings.


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