Slice of SciFi #30: Interview with Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca, “Star Wars”)

This week, Peter Mayhew drops by to talk about portraying Chewbacca over the past 28 years.

News Bytes:

  • Having Famous Fathers works out for Ahmet Zappa’s movie deal for an unpublished novel, and for Breck Eisner landing a director gig for the Creature of the Black Lagoon remake
  • Hasbro is releasing an entire new line of Star Wars Saga toys
  • An animated Conan coming to the big screen

Movie Talk: A new biopic on the life of James Bond creator Ian Fleming is in production, with a freshly written script all ready to go

TV Talk: The SciFi Channel is moving ahead with a Savage Planet movie, based on a remake of the 1973 French animated film, La Planete Sauvage

What’s On Out There? A new BBC series called Torchwood is in the works, as an “sexy, funny, adult” spin-off of Doctor Who

Interview: Peter Mayhew drops by from the International Horror/SciFi Film Festival

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  1. says

    OK, a word about the BBC and the lack of commercials. I’m not sure if they have changed this from back in the day, but the BBC at least was subscription based. If you wanted to watch the BBC, you had to pay for it. That said, downloading Doctor Who would affect them just like taking out commercials on a show here would affect US shows. Well, with the MPAA just the act of watching the show in any way other than when it airs is probably taboo, however, that’s a whole other situation.

    Also, If my memory serves me, which it hasn’t in the past, the SciFi channel was approached to air the new Doctor Who series last year. My understanding is that they turned it down. Why they did this I am completely baffled by. As you all have “hinted” at, the “made for SciFi Original productions” they have aired to date are complete crap and I can’t believe that they are not totally embarrassed by.

    That said, there was a movie they aired I actually liked. Cube 2: Hypercube ( It was no Star Wars, but it was fun to watch.

    While I have your eyes, any of you ever hear of StarCops? A British sci-fi/detective series that lasted 9 episodes? The theme music was done by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, and the show, given it’s budget, was actually quite good. Have you heard if the powers that be are ever going to put that on DVD? My VHS recordings are really starting to show their age. :)

    Thanks for the show, love listening to it! Keep up the incredible work!

  2. Kurt says

    On the topic of getting the newest Doctor Who series in the USA:

    Last week, the Beeb announced that they will be releasing the latest Doctor Who series on DVD in Canada on Feb 14th, 2006.

    And since Canada is Region 1, that means, all it takes is a quick trip to and they’re yours! No multi-region dvd players, just the hastle of an “international” delivery.

    Here’s a link to the Beeb’s press release:

  3. says

    Thank you very much Uncle Sam for that link. I’ll be buying the DVD’s this weekend!

    Kurt, CBC had the first series of Doctor Who as well. Or at least that is what I had heard from some friends in Wisconsin. That press release didn’t mention the availability of the first season. Mind you, I have the first season already, but I would definatly like the DVD’s. I checked and they have most of the episodes for the first season of the new series, but they don’t state what region codes the DVD’s are. Looks like the will sell the Box set of the entire season when it’s available.

    I’ll be contacting them to find out what the region codes are for both the Doctor Who and StarCops DVD’s are.