Which is the Best Super Hero Movie Ever?


Robert Downey, Jr. says that Iron Man 3 could be the best super hero movie of all time.  Until it opens, we’ll have to wait and see and debate which of these is the best super hero movie. Give us your thoughts!

How do you listen to or watch Slice of SciFi?


It’s a brand new year, full of brand new ways to enjoy Slice of SciFi!

So let us know: how do you grab your Slice every week (or every day?) You can choose up to 4 different methods.

Grade the Mid-Season “Walking Dead” Finale


Tell us your thoughts on the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. Please note:  Keep the SPOILER material to episodes of the series only that have aired through Sunday.   Any SPOILERS for events in upcoming issues of the comic book series will be deleted!  

Best Star Trek Executive Officer


There have been a lot of good people sitting in that second chair aboard a Starship or Space Station.

Choose Your Favorite of these 10 Nathan Fillion Characters


In Nathan Fillion’s nearly 20 year acting career he has played many different memorable characters in film and television. Some have risen to the level of iconic. We’ve listed 10 of his most famous roles. Which is your favorite?

Which Fairy Tale Series Will Succeed?


NBC, ABC & The CW Networks all have fairy tale based series set for this new season. Which will succeed the most with audiences?

Which Version of The Thing Is Your Fav?

The _Thing

Like its main character The Thing is an idea that simply won’t die but mutates every few years into something slightly different.

Its the End – Which Comic You Taking With You?


The apocalypse has arrived. You can only take one comic book series with you to the bunker. Which would you choose?

Which Is Your Favorite Bond Girl?


24 special Bond ladies are listed below. Which is your favorite?

Which of these is your favorite independent Star Trek feature film or series?


{Featured Image courtesy of Paramount Studios}

Which of the following new 2012 scifi/genre-related shows are you most excited about viewing?


Some of the listed shows have yet to be fully picked up or are still in development. If not picked up this fall it is likely they will be seen during the mid-season replacement period.

Grade “Torchwood: Miracle Day” Finale


You knew we would have to ask, so here goes: Give us your grade for the Torchwood: Miracle Day season finale episode titled “The Blood Line.”

On Which Ship or Station Would You Love to be a Crew Member?


{Featured image courtesy of MGM Studios}

Who Do You Want To Win the Season 4 True Blood War?


Tell Us Your Favorite Episode From the First Half of “Doctor Who” Series Six


With the second half of series six debuting on August 27, let’s look back at the first half of the season. Tell us your favorite episode from Doctor Who’s sixth series (so far).