Museum of Science Fiction Announces Exhibit Design Competition

Exhibit Design Poster 2

Washington, DC (Sept. 2, 2014) — The Museum of Science Fiction is proud to announce an exhibit design competition for its 2015 Preview Museum, which is to be located in the Washington, DC metro area. The competition is open to students, architects, and designers from around the world, and registrations are accepted through Oct. 31.

The museum plans to construct a preview space in 2015 as an intermediary step in its efforts toward establishing a permanent museum dedicated to science fiction’s history across the arts. Both the Preview Museum and the permanent installation will provide a narrative on science fiction’s relationship with the real world. The Preview Museum is designed to be a redeployable facility, consisting of gallery space to house interactive exhibits related to science fiction. The exhibits will be rotated periodically over the Preview Museum’s four-year lifespan.

“Our recent success with architectural design competition had an overwhelming international response,” said Greg Viggiano, executive director for the Museum of Science Fiction. “In opening the exhibition design process to the global community, we hope to keep that worldwide excitement going.”

The overall winner will be awarded $1,000, and the designer or design team will receive special recognition. For detailed information on program requirements, please visit the competition webpage:

As the next step toward creating a permanent home for the Museum of Science Fiction, the preview space will give visitors an advanced opportunity to experience the unique programming and exhibits the Museum will offer, as well as providing a social hub for the science fiction community. To learn more about the Museum of Science Fiction and its mission, please visit

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