Star Trek Continues: Fairest Of Them All – A Slice of SciFi Review

“James T. Kirk has chosen his path. It is time we choose ours”Mirror Spock

Have you ever wondered what became of the mirror universe crew of the Terran Empire ship Enterprise once its Captain Kirk returned to it? In the original series’ 1967 episode “Mirror, Mirror” fans were left with our universe’s Kirk and Spock pondering over if the mirror universe goatee’d Spock was successful in making positive change in the Empire.

We learned some 80-years later on two separate Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes that Spock had been successful on many levels at laying the foundation for change but over time it had seriously weakened the strength and resolve of the Terran Empire’s hold over its non-Terran captors and allies leading to its demise by a Klingon-Cardassian Alliance which turned out to be just as harsh and evil as the Terran Empire.

Knowing all this additional backstory from DS9, however, still didn’t answer the question of just how mirror universe Spock accomplished such a feat as altering the premise and direction of the Empire, nor did we ever know the fate of mirror Kirk and those who may have remained loyal to him.

Star Trek Continues has finally given us fans the answers to those long sought after questions with their episode titled “Fairest Of Them All” now available for download and viewing online.

Vic Mignogna and the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues have proven, once again with this episode of the ongoing voyage of the original Star Trek that this rendering of the show is on par with that original series and continues to amaze those who are watching it. I know it still amazes me.

In the vignettes and the first two full length episodes of this series I liked Todd Haberkorn as Spock and thought he did an admirable, if not a bit stiff job at portraying the Enterprise’s famed First Officer. However, in “Fairest Of Them All” Haberkorn really comes into his own and has fully embraced the Spock persona.

Mignogna only gets better at living Kirk with each roll of the camera. Even his way of walking down a corridor and holding himself is so…………Kirk.

The rest of the crew from the other episodes are back. Chris Doohan, again is superb as Montgomery Scott, even donning darker hair like his dad’s. Grant Imahara is Sulu – scar on the face and all. Kim Stinger continues as Uhura, Wyatt Lenhart is Chekov and Michele Specht is back as Dr. Elise MacKennah who uses an unusual form of therapy sessions as ship’s counselor. Larry Nemecek does not return for this episode as Doctor McCoy, that honor goes to Star Trek Continue’s original pick for the role, Chuck Huber. Sadly, Chuck isn’t given a lot to do in this episode and it is hoped he will be given more meat in his next appearance because he is a really fine actor.

“Fairest Of Them All” comes from the pen and is directed by James Kerwin. Jim is best known for his wonderful episodic sci-fi film noir titled Yesterday Was A Lie. Guest stars include Bobby Rice (Star Trek Phase II, The Lair), Asia De Marcos as an unbelievable look-a-like for BarBara Luna in the role of Marlena and the legendary Bobby Clark as Tharn. Kipleigh Brown (Yesterday Was A Lie, Star Trek: Enterprise) is the mirror Enterprise’s helmsman, and in a brilliant coup Mignogna was able to snag another Star Trek: The Next Generation actor to provide the voice for the mirror Enterprise’s computer – Mr. Worf himself, Michael Dorn. Marina Sirtis (TNG’s Deanna Troi) acted as the computer voice in the first episode of Continues.

“Fairest Of Them All” does exactly what it was suppose to do – give fans some good “Mirror, Mirror” closure after 47-years.

There are many ways to view Star Trek Continues: Fairest Of Them All: Their Official Website, On YouTube, Vimeo or right here. Enjoy.

Star Trek Continues E03 “Fairest of Them All” from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.


  1. says

    The really nice touches over the three episode arc have been:

    1) Kirk is reading in his quarters in “Lolani” and he moves the book back and forth as if he might need reading glasses. (foreshadowing)

    2) Later, he flashes the title of the book he’s reading, “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” (foreshadowing)

    3) The interplay between Kirk and the Ship’s Counselor- Dr. Elise McKennah. Especially when they are loudly discussing the “Lolani” situation. When Lolani notices it, she says that people who argue like that are usually attracted to each other.

    They have been able to do something that the original never could because of its production schedule: Build up the character development from one episode to the next in a straight line

  2. O'Grady says

    Vic Mignogna and company are doing an absolutely mind-blowing good job with this continuation of Star Trek. It’s like the show never went off the air, they just swapped in some new faces, and their performances are spot on. I dearly hope they can continue this. I’ve never seen any “re-creation” of any show that so perfectly captures the feel and spirit of the original.

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