What’s In – What’s Out For 2014-2015 TV

It’s that time of the year again when cast and crew of traditional network television properties either pack their bags or settle in for another season of shooting new episodes. Among those getting picked up and sacked are several sci-fi fan favs.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Once Upon A Time

Mind Games
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

The Big Bang Theory (got the lucky draw for a 3-yr renewal deal to season 10)
Persons Of Interest
Under The Dome


Beauty And The Beast
The Originals
The Vampire Diaries
The 100

The Tomorrow People

The Following
Sleepy Hollow

Almost Human




  1. DimSkip says

    P.S. See also…

    Oct 3, 2013 — “Sleepy Hollow will return to Fox next season. The network granted the season’s first bona fide hit an early renewal Thursday, bringing the series back for a similarly limited run next year. ”

    Oct 3, 2013 — “The winner of the season’s First Show to Get Renewed Derby is Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, which the network renewed for Season 2 today.”

    Plus here’s recent news of extra episodes beyond the base 13 for season 2…

    May 7, 2014 — “The breakout supernatural-historical thriller will produce at least 15 episodes for its sophomore season, with producers currently preparing for a potential total of 18 episodes. That’s well above the 13-episode order for season one.”

  2. Sam Sloan says

    Thanks for the update on Sleepy Hollow. Yes, we reported earlier on its renewal but was told a few days ago it was back on the bubble and last night it had been canceled. But, rechecking with source this AM to verify – it has been renewed for a return of “limited episodes.”

  3. Alverant says

    It’s too bad about Intelligence. I liked that show. But it’s no surprise. They ran all 13 episodes one after the other with no reruns. It’s like they wanted to get any contactable obligations out of the way ASAP. Revolution surprised me since it’s already had a few years. I hope they’ll be able to wrap up their story lines before then.

    • Sam Sloan says

      I was most disappointed that Almost Human was cnx. Was glad to see Believe taken off though. That one simply became a ‘desperate need to help of the week’ kind of plots. In the non sci-fi area I was also very upset to see Crisis was not renewed. That was a very good show with a good premise, top writers and casting.

  4. says

    I am sorry to see Revolution go. It is just soapy enough I had strong opinions on characters, good and bad. The Nanites sub story was getting interesting.

    Fairly good writing, great sets, nice serial arc are on the viewers plus column. Soft rating numbers, preempting time slot, expensive production are on NBC’s minus column. Guess which column has all the power? Right. If ad revenue won’t cover production cost increases the show is toast. The smart move IMHO would have been to order a short season 10 – 13 episodes like cable networks do.

    I notice most of the better shows are on cable networks such as; Syfy, USA, TNT, AMC. When CBS brought out “Person of Interest” I worried it would get axed without warning. You can’t be a casual watcher of complex serial plots in a police procedural, especially one that has science fiction’ish storyline. Note: The Machine and Harold have a relationship Forbin never had with his machine in The Forbin Project. Oops drifting.

    I think (opinion alert), production cost reduction without affecting quality of Revolution was impossible — bean counters always win.

    -d 2-cents worth

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