Syfy Announces The Wil Wheaton Project

Wil-Wheaton2 Wil Wheaton, one of our earliest guests and supporters of Slice of SciFi when we were trying to get this project off the ground nearly 10-years ago and someone who has turned out to be a good friend of Slice is about to set out on a new television project of his own and we would like to be among the first to congratulate him and be able to tell all our fans about it.

In conjunction with the Syfy Network The Wil Wheaton Project has been given the go-ahead for a 12-episode summer series that will highlight the the world of science fiction, genre-related entertainment and gaming.

Wil will offer up a weekly 30-minute fast-paced insiders view of all that is currently trending in sci-fi news, culture and entertainment beginning Tuesday, May 27, 2014 on Syfy.

Wil serves as more than just the show’s host. He also fills the shoes as producer and co-creator.

Learn more from Wil’s perspective for The Wil Wheaton Project at Wil Wheaton dot NET.


  1. David Greybeard says

    Hey Will! Please give time to new science fiction novels! What’s on the printed page is always so much better than what we get on screen.

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