“End of the World” Coming to DVD

End-Of-The-World End of the World, starring Greg Grunberg (Heroes) and Neil Grayston (Eureka), is coming to DVD on March 11, 2014.

The Earth gets blasted by an electro-magnetic field that overwhelms the planet’s climate, defenses and electrical infrastructures. Facing an disaster of apocalyptic proportions it is left to two geeks to save the world – a video store owner and sci-fi nerd.

Joining this duo is a world famous science fiction novelist (Brad Dourif – Lord of the Rings). Relying on the only skill set they possess the fanboys delve deeply into their scifi lore and come up with an unusual fix for the near end of the world as we know it.

Co-starring Caroline Cave (The L Word) and Mark Hildreth (V), this disaster movie was first released as a SyFy Channel original film. So, you know what that means………………….



  1. says

    Don’t assume it’s bad because of the SyFy origins. I saw on TV, and it was amusing and entertaining.

    Inevitably, there was at least one in-joke referring to Heroes.

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