Radcliffe Sprouts Horns

dan-horns2 Actor Daniel Radcliffe moves from magic wizard wands to horns sprouting from his head in his newest film entry expertly titled “Horns.”

Radcliffe portrays Ig Perrish a small-time radio disc jockey in a career going nowhere and a relationship equally stuck on empty. His girlfriend, played by Juno Temple (“The Dark Knight Rises”) turns up murdered and Ig is the copper’s number one suspect.

Very few who know Ig are convinced of his innocence apart from Lee (Max Minghella), his best friend and lawyer. Soon after her death Ig awakens to find two strange horns sprouting from his temples further convincing everyone that he is the killer.

Directed by Alexandre Aja (“Mirrors”), “Horns” co-stars veteran actor James Remar, Kellie Garner (“Lars and the Real Girl”) and Joe Anderson (“The Grey”). The screenplay was written by Keith Bunin (“In Treatment”) based on the Joe Hill novel.

The film debuted on September 6 at the Toronto International Film Festival. A U.S. theatrical release date is pending.

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