Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise Rocket Powered Test Flight

Richard Branson has named his first commercially offered spacecraft the Enterprise. There is an introduction by Richard in video #2 and the exciting videos of the first and second rocket powered test flight of this uniquely genuine spaceship.

Even the craft’s two adaptable and adjustable wing-spans look sort of like nacelles from a distance while in flight. This is beyond cool, it is the future finally catching up to us here in the past.

Test Flight Number 1

Test Flight Number 2


  1. says

    Wow, that looks kinda cool.
    But seriously, how on earth are spacecrafts going to make them money?
    Well, the only way I can think of is by taking people into space to see the earth. That’s something I’d defintely pay for.
    I wonder if that’s what they’re aiming for… I hope so.

    • says

      There are tons of ways to make profit from spacecraft. 1. Passenger service 2. Delivery of Payloads to space stations after these same craft were used to deliver materials into space to build said stations 3. Short and someday, long range exploration of planets, moons and asteroids to harvest the billions of dollars of resources available on and in them – particularly asteroids and comets. Just a scant use of the imagination shows more and more ways this is going to be profitable to those running the operations, those like Branson and many others who remain nameless at this time.

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