Who Is In Control – A Look At RoboCop Reboot

I’m not a huge fan of remakes especially when they’re done just for the sake of doing the same thing over and over again, or in the case of most remake/reboots, when they are done to simply garner a few million bucks at the expense of a quality production.

All that said, I have to admit I am a bit intrigued over the upcoming 2014 release of “RoboCop.” This reboot of the famous franchise that over time became a parody of itself looks to be like it is being done the way it has always deserved. Starring some of the biggest names in filmmaking, including, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Jay Baruchel, Jackie Earle Haley, Miguel Ferrer and Joel Kinnaman as Detective Alex Murphy – a.k.a. RoboCop.

This RoboCop follows some of the main basic outline of the first film that starred Peter Weller in the title role back in 1987. Writers & character creators Michael Milner and Edward Neumeier are back as screenwriters with Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) directing.

If the official trailer for this film is any indicator then fans may finally get the kind of technologically-based movie that today’s film magic can provide and one that RoboCop should shine very brightly in.

The original 1987 movie spawned a franchise that included two big screen sequels, a successful TV series, a television mini-series, two animated television series and crossover into video games and graphic novel adaptations.

Post-production began this week and is scheduled to have its final edit-wrap by late December 2013. “RoboCop” will have its worldwide premiere in Hong Kong on January 30, 2014. Look for it in U.S. theaters starting February 7, 2014 in a variety of formats including iMAX, 3D and 2D.

Enjoy this sneak peak at RoboCop:


  1. says

    I just viewed the trailer and I liked what I saw. Granted, trailers have proven to be highly misleading, but what I was able to get out of this is that it appears to remain mostly faithful to the source movie material, while at the same time expanding on ideas (largely the self-control and sense of human identity) which were only merely hinted at in the first movie. I’m also very impressed with the cast as they have collected quite a few established actors from various genre movies to come together for this.

    I could be way off the mark based on what I saw, but what was there looked good enough to grab my attention!!!

  2. Shadoglare says

    On the flip side, I watched the trailer and thought it looked absolutely awful. It looks like they’re trying to take the story from a serious angle and it’s not working – the camp is one of the things that made the original so popular. Plus, although I understand going with CGI rather than still-motion, there is SO much obvious CGI that it’s distracting.

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