Palmer Loved “Warm Bodies”

Actress Teresa Palmer

If you’ve listened to the latest installment of Slice of SciFi, you’ve heard our interview with Warm Bodies author,  Isaac Marion.

The upcoming zombie romance movie features Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer as a guy and a girl who meet and fall in love.   The twist is he’s a zombie.

Palmer plays Julie and tells Flicks and Bits that she was fascinated by the conflict her character faces in the movie.

“She’s a warrior, I like to think of her as a warrior. She’s strong and she has such an amazing energy,” she explains. “She’s bubbly; she’s got a big spirit and a good heart. Things have really been dimmed for her since her mother was killed by one of the zombies.”

“They’re living in this post-apocalyptic society, which is very bleak and dreary. She’s unhappy. Then she meets R, and he breathes life back into her,” she adds.  “They fall for each other and she’s reminded of what life can be like and she starts to hope again, which is a really beautiful thing.”

Palmer went on to suggest that there is something in Warm Bodies for everyone. “What I found compelling about Warm Bodies was that it’s such a unique and original story,” she says. “It goes into such great emotional depth, and it’s smart and cool and edgy. Also, it incorporates music so well.”

“It’s something that just felt so very grounded in reality – which is a strange thing to say since it’s set in this post-apocalyptic world with zombies. But there were so many elements to it that made it appealing,” Palmer continues. ” “There’s the action, the romance, the love story. Reading it, it’s just such a fun journey that I hadn’t been on before reading a script or even watching a film. I think it’s unique and something that’s very special. There’s a lot of wit and charm to it.”

Warm Bodies opens February 1.

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