“Zombieland” Series Could Be Coming To Amazon

Amazon Studios is reported to be in negotiations to produce the long delayed Zombieland series. This addition to the expanding list of Amazon produced shows is their first original scripted show, joining several comedy series they have recently green lighted.

Original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and  producer Gavin Polone are rumored to be attached to the project.  You may recall that movie was originally pitched as a TV series.  That might mean the project has come full circle should Amazon Studios give it a green light.

The original project was turned down by multiple networks before it became a sleeper hit film in theaters and on DVD.

We’ll keep our ears and eyes opened for details and bring them to you as soon as we have them.


  1. DanVzare says

    I so hope Amazon greenlights this. Know how well The Walking Dead is doing, surely they must think that a Zombieland series will be good compition.

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