Once Upon A Time or Far Far Away?

In the past weeks since the announcement of the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm there has been a lot of speculation of what properties might see crossover between the two portfolios.

This past weekend we may have seen hints of the next one. On Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, when a stranger comes to Storybrooke, the studio jumped on the opportunity and had his ring-tone play the Star Wars theme.

Having already set the precedent of characters from story worlds other than fairy tales, will Storybrooke be the next place we see one of our favorite characters? Is Disney positioning themselves to start crossing the streams more in the future?

In a show where storybook characters come to life, is it only a matter of time before they get a visitor from a galaxy far far away?


    • Laith Preston says

      Not necessarily Vader. But Star Wars was originally more of a fairy tale than a true science fiction story. So anything is possible.

  1. John from Lakeland says

    Oh Yeah. Vader gonna come in and set the old Witch Straight. I bet he’ll throw her farther than she can throw him and just wait to see the look on her face when she sees what he does with the fire balls she throws at him..

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