Fan Made Iron Man Armor Shoots Lasers

Iron Man fan Patrick Priebe has built his own replica of gauntlet used by Tony Stark in the comics and movies.  But that’s not the cool part.

The cool part is that Priebe has built a working laser into his gauntlet replica.

While the laser won’t take out any adversaries like that one worn by Tony Stark, it can pop a series of balloon.  Priebe tells CNET that he built the entire gauntlet armor by hand and armed it with two 1.2-watt blue lasers. The lasers blast out of the forearm and the palm repulsor, and the whole thing is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. He even included some targeting lasers to use before deploying the laser.

“Back in the day, I was fascinated by lasers. It all started with the older Battlestar Galactica movies. In 2003 or so, I had some time to tinker a bit. I made some coil guns and lasers. Someone saw my ‘first’ pulse laser gun on YouTube and asked for one. The white pulse laser gun got 1 million hits…within the first month! Generally, I have crazy ideas and it seems I have the skills to make it work…no idea how, actually. I never make real plans. I just tinker,” he tells CNet.”

And for those of you who don’t believe such a story without proof, we’ve got Priebe’s YouTube video below that shows his armor in action.


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