Who’s In the Running To Be the Next Wonder Woman?

Actress Amy Manson is in the running to play Diana on the CW’s Wonder Woman reboot.

With the CW eager to jump back into the DC Universe with a new Wonder Woman series, the first big step is finding the title character.

According to sources, British actress Amy Manson is garnering a lot of interest by the producers.  She’s been through two rounds of auditions and is said be high on the list of actresses who could play the part.

Manson is no stranger to the genre television field. She played the vampire Daisy on the British version of and has had guest roles on Misfits, Torchwood and Outcasts.

Before any casting news is made final, Manson will have several more rounds of auditions as well as getting the approval of network executives at the CW.  As soon as we hear news on her casting  — or the casting of anyone in this role — we’ll let you know right here on Slice of SciFi.


  1. John from Lakeland says

    Whoever they choose, she’s got to make the Red, White and Blue look as good as Linda Carter did or the show’s not the only thing that will flop…….

    • Steven Kivel says

      From what I read this is another CW adaptation of a DC property. The idea is Diana is just off the island very amazon, not a costume wearing Wonder Woman yet.

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