Which 80’s Movie Will Get Rebooted Next?!?

It was probably only a matter of time, really. Gremlins could be the next 80’s property to get a reboot.

Warner Brothers is working with Amblin Entertainment to possibly reboot the movie series. We got two installments the first time around. A third has been rumored for years, but it appears we’ll get a reboot instead.

Steven Spielberg is a player in the property and while he won’t direct the film, he could have the final say in whether or not the reboot happens. Expect a large truck load of money to be backing up his driveway any day now.


  1. ALibertarian says

    Gremlins: The Final Recipe. . .?

    As long as we get Hoyt Axton and Keye Luke back in their iconic roles.

    Oh, wait. They are both dead.

    Never mind!

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