“Trek” Fan Who Wanted Early Look at Sequel Passes Away

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Last week, we brought you a story about how J.J. Abrams had fulfilled the wish of a dying Trek fan to see the next big-screen movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

Now comes sad news that the fan in question has passed away.

Forty-one year old Daniel Craft passed away last Friday according to reports.

Craft’s story was brought to light by a friend and gained momentum on the Internet.  Craft went to see The Hobbit so he’d see nine minutes of the new Trek film before he passed away.  When the story broke and came to Abrams’ attention, the director showed Craft a nearly completed print of the film.  According to reports, Craft enjoyed the film and gave his thumbs up to the sequel.

Craft didn’t reveal any SPOILER details before he passed away about the upcoming film.

According to reports, Craft was a huge film fan and one of the founders and directors of the New York Asian Film Festival.


  1. This is so very sad, but I’m glad one of his last memories was being able to enjoy the new movie.

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